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The Lindal Experience
Experience the Lindal lifestyle.
    The Lindal family heritage
    Quality building materials
    Personalized Lindal service
    Lindal's industry exclusive lifetime structural warranty
    Testimonials from Lindal homeowners

Home Building News
Read the latest news from the home building industry.

Building Your Home
Walk through steps to your new home building project.
    Your Own Dealer - Step One:
    Meet your home planning expert and the services that they provide.
    Your Building Site - Step Two:
    Tips on selecting your building lot.
    Your Estimate & Schedule - Step Three:
        Your New Home Estimate
        Your Building Schedule
    Your Personal Style - Step Four:
    Learn where to begin selecting your custom home design.
        Your Home Design - Select your own custom home plan.
        Explore your home building systems choices.
        Home Building Materials
    Delivery & Construction - Step Five:
    Bringing your new home to life.

Lindal Homeowner Stories
Learn how these clients realized their dreams of building a custom Lindal home.
    A Ski Home in Maine:
    As featured on HGTV, a luxury ski cabin in Sunday River.
    Maggie's Jewelbox Renovation:
    "My Lindal is like a wooden jewel box, lovingly constructed to protect life’s cherished treasures.”
    Off The Grid:
    Off the grid really does save money - in more ways than you'd realize.
    Plan Here, Build There:
    A long distance Lindal Elements home.
    Seattle Green Home:
    A first of it's kind green certified home, utilizing the NAHB Research Center's Green Building Standard for Residential Construction.
    Suncadia Green Building:
    Green by design, green by necessity, and green by desire.
    Turkel Design Dwell Home:
    One client's experience in designing a Dwell Homes Collection home with Turkel Design.
More homeowner stories on the Lindal Cedar Homes Blog

Home Design Gallery
Browse pictures and plans of contemporary, traditional and classic home design.
    Home Plan Spotlights
        View the Casa Islena, a luxury home plan option.
        View the Prairie Dream, a vacation home plan option.
        View the Muskoka Ridge, with optional daylight basement.
        View the Banff, a small vacation home plan.
        View the Far Horizon, an architect-designed custom home plan.
        View sample Lindal Architects Collabortive home plans.
        Lindal Prime home plans.
    Classic Home Design Gallery
    View sample classic Lindal home design pictures and plans.
        View pictures of the Casa series
        View pictures of the Prow Star series
        View pictures of the Summit Star series
    Contemporary Home Design Gallery
    View sample contemporary home design pictures and plans.
        View pictures of the Contempo Prow Star series.
        View pictures of the Craftsman series.
        View pictures of the Prairie series.
        View pictures of the Pavilion series.
    Traditional Home Design Gallery
    View sample traditional home design pictures and plans.
        View pictures of the Farmhouse series.
        View pictures of the Ranch series.
        View pictures of the Ridge series.
    Small Treasures Home Design Gallery
    View sample small home pictures and plans.
        View pictures of the Chalet series
        View pictures of the Prow series
        View pictures of the Summit series
    Inspirations Home Design Gallery
    View sample Inspirations series home design pictures and plans.
    Turkel Design as seen in DWELL magazine
    Learn about working with Turkel Design to create a modern custom home.
        Three client experiences.
        A photo gallery of a Dwell Homes Collection home from Turkel Design.
        Home designs as seen in DWELL magazine.
        Other home designs from Turkel Design.
         Free Planbook Download (with registration)
    Lindal Architects Collaborative
    Learn about the Lindal Architects Collaborative, a partnership with renowned local architects to provied warm, modern, on-system Lindal post-and-beam homes.
        Charter Members:
            Altius Architecture
            Bates Masi+ Architects
            Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin West
            Marmol Radziner
        Live Webinars
         Free Planbook Download (with registration)
    Green Home Design
    Learn about Lindal's commitment to green building.
    Pictures of New Homes
    Search through more than 1500 Lindal pictures.

Lindal Modern Studios
Get information about Lindal's Modern Studio line, perfect for that yoga studio, backyard getaway, or artist's studio.

The Frank Lloyd Wright | Taliesin Mod.Fabs are available through the Lindal dealer network worldwide.

Home Plans
Explore Lindal home plan options.

Technical Resource Center
Home building materials and building system details.
    Home Building Systems
    Review five home building system options.
        Lindal Green Specification with Advanced Framing
        Founder's System
        Classic post and beam construction
        Lindal log construction
        Solid cedar construction
    Home Building Materials
    View home building materials options.
        The benefits of Western red cedar
        Siding choices
        Window choices
        Sunroom options
        Door choices
        Roofing material options
        Insulation options
        Decking choices
        Interior trim options

Lindal Product & Service Guide
What goes into a Lindal besides cedar? Lindal Signature Products are chosen especially to complement your new Lindal cedar home.
    Lindal Trim Systems:
        Arts & Crafts
        Other trim options
    Lindal Signature Art Glass Doors:
        Arts & Crafts
    Lindal Specialty Products:
        TimberFrame Entry Systems

Your Lindal Folder
Access your new home project, favorite home plans and pictures. Seach for over 80 different home plans online, save your project information, and read planbooks and other valuable home planning tools online.

Locate Your Dealer
Find the Lindal dealer you would like to work with on your new home.
    Dealer website directory: State-by-state dealer list.

Find an open house, home building seminar, live online webinar, or home show near you.
    Turkel Design Webinars
    Lindal Architects Collaborative Webinars

FAQ: Ask Sir Walter
Frequently asked questions when building a new home.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal company history.
    Frequently asked questions about designing a new home.
    Frequently asked questions about building a new home.
    Frequently asked questions about your new home building budget.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal SunRooms and room additions.
    Frequently asked questions about building a home and the environment
    Frequently asked questions about building systems.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal home maintenance.
    Frequently asked questions from Lindal customer service.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal business opportunities.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal SunRoom business opportunities.
    Frequently asked questions about Lindal's international home building options.

Lindal SunRooms and Additions

    Lindal Additions Experience
    Enchance your lifestyle with a Lindal sunroom addition.
        Designed for your lifestyle
        Your Personal Guide
        Engineered for life

    Gallery of Addition Pictures
    Browse pictures of sunrooms, patiorooms and post and beam room addtions.
        SunRoom Pictures
        Post & Beam Room Pictures
        PatioRoom Photo Gallery

    Remodeling Your Home
    Walk through steps to creating your home addition.
        Your Own Dealer
        Step One: Meet your remodeling expert and the services that they provide.
        Planning Your Addition
        Step Two: Learn where to being planning your remodeling project.
        Step Three: Bringing your remodeling project to life.

    Locate Your Additions Dealer
    Find the Lindal dealer that you would like to work with on your remodeling project.

Lindal International

    Home Design Gallery
    View pictures from around the world
        View pictures from Asia
        View pictures inspired by European home design
        View pictures of tropical and waterfront homes

    Locate Your Dealer
    Locate your dealer anywhere in the world

    FAQ: Ask Sir Walter
    Frequently asked questions about building a home internationally

    Become A Dealer
    International Lindal business opportunities
        Request more information on becoming an international Lindal dealer

Lindal Planbooks

    Cedar Living Magazine
    Lindal SunRooms Planbook
    Store Help - For assistance while shopping online

About Lindal Cedar Homes

Contact Lindal
Find contact information for Lindal locations.

Lindal News
Read the latest news from the home building industry.
    New Cedar Living Magazine Introduced
    Cutler/Anderson Architects partners with Lindal
    Lindal Celebrates 70 years in Business
    Lindal Homes For Sale
    Lindal E-Newsletter
    Read the current and past issues here.
        Lindal E-Newsletter Signup
        Lindal's e-newsletter is filled with home building tips.

Corporate Locations
Find Lindal Corporate Locations

Become A Dealer
Information about the Lindal Business Opportunity
    Current business opportunity locations
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Business opportunities
    Current dealers share their experience
    Request for Information
    Receive more business opportunity information
    SunRoom Opportunities
    Lindal SunRooms and Additions business opportunities
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Lindal SunRooms and Additions

Help Center
Find the help you need
    Customer Service
    Lindal customer service staff are here to help you
        Customer service : Planbook Order
        Customer service : Doors & Windows
        Customer service : Care & Maintenance
        Customer service : Replacement Materials
        Customer service : Customer Feedback
        Customer service : Contact Lindal
    Technical help with the web site, and reporting errors.

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