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Our site is designed to be compatible with a wide range of modern Web browsers. However, we do make use of some newer Web standards that are not supported by older browsers. Most significantly, users of Netscape Navigator earlier than version 6.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer earlier than version 5.0 may experience problems viewing parts of our site. We recommend that users of these older browsers upgrade to newer versions, which are available for download from the respective vendors at no charge.

Recommended PC Browsers (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP): Internet Explorer 5+, Google Chrome, Firefox

Recommended Mac Browsers (Mac OS 9+): Internet Explorer 5+ and Safari

Recommended Web Browser Plug-ins: Shockwave Player, QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat

To be able to use all the features of our site, your browser will need to have Javascript enabled and will have to accept cookies from the domain. Modern browsers using default configuration settings should support these requirements. However, in certain cases, setting your browser's privacy or security levels to maximum may interfere with these requirements. Consult your Web browser's Help feature for more information. Note that most modern Web browsers allow you to specify privacy and security settings on a per-site basis.

For a good viewing experience, your computer's screen resolution should be set to 800X600 pixels or greater, with a minimum color depth of 16 bits.

   Browser Downloads:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

   Plug-in Downloads:

QuickTime Required
Get Adobe Reader
Macromedia Shockwave Player
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