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Jerry Sjoberg, Owner and president of Home Design Mfg., has been transforming dreams into reality for over 30 years. As a leading Southeastern Wisconsin home builder Home Design Mfg. builds custom designed homes, as well as Lindal Cedar Homes and Sunrooms. Home Design Mfg. also offers complete remodeling and restoration services, including Craftsman style, Scandinavian designs, and Victorian homes restoration. Room additions are also a specialty of the company.

"One of the first things I do when approaching the design phase is to ask the client for a wish list", says Jerry. Jerry finds that once they engage themselves in the process of writing their needs and desires down, the communication between the builder and client is much clearer and properly focused.

Jerry's objective is to create the perfect environment for each client, and take extra time to visit the owner's home site to determine how each structure can become an integral part of the landscape. Typically, Home Design Mfg. builds in an approximate 30 mile radius of Lake Geneva. Logistically this works out best considering that Jerry operates with craftsmen year round and 4 office staff to coordinate its design, sales and general contracting.

Home Design Mfg. is not only a Southeastern WI home builder. For clients who live out of their geographical sphere, Home Design Mfg. offers the opportunity of a wholesale purchase. This option allows the homeowner the opportunity to save by acting as their own general contractor to whatever degree they are comfortable and qualified to do so.

Jerry embraces the Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy

Jerry Sjoberg (Owner/President) of Home Design Mfg believes that “Architecture is Nature at Home.” Your home represents a dream of yours that reflects an extension of you and your relationship with your surroundings. Frank Lloyd Wright coined the phrase “Usonian Home,” meaning homes of moderate cost for mid-America of organic nature with regard to form, function, and financing. Thus, where nature resonates throughout a home and the outside is brought inside.

Home Picture
Home Picture
Home Picture

The Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy of living in harmony with nature comes to the forefront when a client’s vision starts becoming a reality. Clerestory windows around the perimeter of the home give the feeling of spaciousness and freedom as they light up the ceiling for natural light throughout the day without the use of light bulbs. The night moonlight cascades on the ceilings adding the essence of peacefulness and serenity.

The Lindal Cedar Home Post and Beam interior construction is architectural art. The stability, elegance, and beauty of the Post and Beam construction lend itself to the feeling of living in a tree forest. The roofline during the summer solstice becomes significant for perfect shading and a substantial savings in air conditioning, while during the winter solstice lets the sun in for esthetic comfort and heat. “I design my own lifestyle,” says Jerry Sjoberg and is the goal of his company when building a home for customers. “I want them to be as happy as I am.”

Thus, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian Home concept is realized through Home Design Mfg. in the affordable and competitive pricing of your home. Once a plan is developed an accurate price can be established, whereas most builders just apply allowances that are understated, distorting the actual cost and understating the total price. This upfront real total cost to our customers builds a great relationship based on trust during the building process.

Clients can visualize their project before it is built utilizing the rendering capabilities of the computer software. Each room of the home can be visualized in 3D, the congruency of one level at a time, the complete bird’s eye view from the sky, or to a very specific area within the home. This process establishes communication to eliminate cost overruns, and surprises on the client’s part. Your dream home will be built by experienced, reliable and trusted craftsmen used for over 25 years of electricians, heating technicians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, concrete men etc., adding quality every step of the way.

Our Staff

Coordinating every aspect of your unique, customized, and personal construction, our staff is always available for your valuable input along with our crew.

  • Chuck Huettig (Sales Manager / Craftsman)
  • Tom Rohleder (Draftsman / General Manager)
  • Chris Villegas (Office Manager)
  • Jerry Sjoberg (Owner / President)

Get in touch with us any time! 262-275-2200

Services Offered

  • Free Site Visit
  • Custom Design Services
  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
  • Building Permit Assistance
  • Building Contractor Evaluation
  • Remodeling with Lindal Sunrooms
  • Architectural Design, Build, and Remodel
  • Ceramic/Marble/Granite Applications
  • Distinctive Wood Flooring
  • Financial Feasabilty Study
  • Custom Wood Doors
  • Velux Skylites

Additions, Remodeling & More!

Home Design Mfg. has recently placed a special emphasis on their outdoor projects. Jerry and his team can design and build any outdoor project you might have in mind. The company not only builds Lindal Cedar Homes from start to finish, but also is known for their quality additions, sunrooms, decks, windows and more. If you are thinking of “going green” with your next project, Jerry Sjoberg and his crew of ten can bring it all together for you. For further information, phone or visit Jerry Sjoberg at Home Design Mfg., at N2000 Hwy 67 in Fontana. 262-275-2200.

Locations served

We have completed home building projects in the following areas:

  • Illinois - St. Charles, Cuba, Harvard, Galena, Peoria, Ottawa, Canton, Woodstock, Sandwich, Marengo.
  • Wisconsin - Door County, Fontana, Williams Bay, Union Grove, Whitewater, Tomah, Lake Geneva, Burlington, Lyons, Troy, Oconomowoc, Twin Lakes, Lauderdale Lakes, Delavan.

Home Design Mfg. is located on Hwy 67, Fontana. Phone 262-275-2200 for more information or a project consultation. Thank you.

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