Building Your Home

You're about to embark on one of life's most rewarding experiences—building your new dream home. Understanding the entire home building process can be time consuming and challenging. The Building Your Home section will walk you through the steps, answer questions and provide home building tips as you go.

Step One: Your Own Dealer Step 2: Your Building Site Step 3: Your Estimate & Schedule Step 4: Personalize Your Lindal Step 5: Delivery & Construction
Your Lindal Custom Home Design Expert Selecting Real Estate for a Building Site, From a Narrow Lot to a Hillside Lot Timeframe and Costs of Building Your New Home Construction Project Selecting Your Personal Home Design

We recommend that you start your building project with your Lindal dealer who is an experienced guide to help you through every step. From consulting with an independent dealer, and selecting your building site to the completed construction of your new home, you can learn more about the home building process and several home building tips while you think about your own preferences throughout this section... so let's get started. Step One: Your Own Dealer

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