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The cost of building a home varies greatly, depending on the choices you make through the home building process. Most people get started with a budget in mind, and many times pre-qualify for a loan and lock in a home mortgage rate before they are very far into the building site and home design selection.

In addition to the building site and home design (and building materials package) that you choose, two major factors can affect your final costs of building a home: finishing materials and labor.

Financing Your New Home

Various financing issues come up during several steps of the Lindal home building process:

  • First, you want to start with a budget in mind.
  • Financing again enters the picture when your plan is finalized and priced. The preliminary price is calculated with your home order. To officially place your order, you will sign a Lindal Purchase and Sale Agreement and your dealer will submit that with your initial down payment.
  • Once your home package is on the shipping schedule, the final payment must be received for your home package prior to shipment. We have arrangements with various mortgage companies that allow for prepayment of all materials upon shipment of your Lindal home package.
  • Financing may also be needed when you are purchasing a lot, and when you make payments to your general and/or sub-contractors.

Your local Lindal dealer provides financing assistance to help you through these steps.

One final tip

Many home builders like to throw out ranges of cost per square foot. “How much does it cost per square foot?” It is as easy to answer as “Can you tell me how much it costs to take a vacation?” Or “how much should I expect to spend on a new car? “ In each question, there are so many variables that it is not possible to provide an accurate answer without gathering more information. Additional issues that you may want to discuss with your own dealer include the cost savings between one and two story homes, total square footage of your home, the footprint and roof pitches, the time of year, your choices in millwork and how the interior finish selections affect the final budget. The home construction loan and current home mortgage rates also need to be taken into consideration.

What About You?

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