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Your Own Dealer

There are many great resources to guide you through building a house—from online home plan sites to magazines with many home building ideas. These resources only begin to help you piece together the home building process. You need a personal guide, and the most comprehensive resource around is your own Lindal Cedar Homes dealer.

Lindal dealers are trained to guide you, share their home building expertise and walk you through each step of building a new house. We are proud of their ability to offer you topnotch customer service. Lindal independent dealers will:

  • Guide you through selecting your home building lot, making sure you choose a site that will fit your lifestyle.
  • Help you understand home building costs beginning with land acquisition and improvement and ending with landscaping. They can help you through the process of securing financing, plus provide tips on how to stay within budget.
  • Provide you a selection of custom home designs—from the thousands of home plans in the Lindal library—that will all meet your lifestyle needs. Then assist you in choosing the one home design that best fits you and your family. They can also design a complete custom home.
  • Determine the home building costs associated with your chosen home design—and the costs of any additional personalization that you choose.
  • Help you find a custom home builder.
  • Coordinate your home building materials kit order, from drawing and approving plans to the scheduling of shipping and delivery.
  • Serve as your Lindal project spokesperson, coordinating your home building kit shipment, inventory and more...

Additional services are provided by many independent Lindal dealers, from interior decorating to meeting your real estate needs or to serving as your general contractor. Select Lindal Cedar Homes dealers are also authorized Lindal Log home dealers, offering a variety of our home plans in the log home building system. Ask your dealer about additional services they may provide.

What About You?

Would you prefer to work with a dealer close to your building site or nearer to your present home?

Current home
Building site

As you explore this section, you can answer these questions at the bottom of each page, and at the end save your answers to Your Lindal Folder!

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