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   attendees are saying:

"I've seen the new Lindal design presentation three times and I've learned something new every time. I didn't realize how important this information is to our planning."
"This seminar was well worth my time. I thought I knew what a Lindal home should look like - but my eyes were opened to something new. I want one of these homes."

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We currently do not have plans to make the webinars available as recordings. If you are unable to make any of the scheduled dates, we encourage you to

contact your local independent Lindal dealer
and they can walk you through all of the plans and options.

Here’s your invitation to learn about the homes seen in DWELL magazine during a special LIVE online webinar presented by the designer, Joel Turkel of Turkel Design. Recognized by DWELL & TIME magazines for their environmentally conscious design, these new home plans use the latest in green building technologies and long-standing sustainable building practices.

Upcoming webinar dates and times

Webinars are approximately one hour long depending on the number of participants and length of Q&A session. Click on a link below to register for an upcoming LIVE online webinar:

There are no Turkel Design webinars scheduled in the next 3 months, but please check back soon. Our eNewsletter subscribers are the first to know when new dates are added...

More webinars are being planned, so be sure to check back soon, or sign up for the Lindal E-newsletter to be notified when new dates are added!

What you will learn

Attend the live webinar from your computer and come away with an understanding of the design process and know how Lindal, Turkel Design, and your local independent Lindal dealer can accommodate your dream home in the most sustainable way possible. Learn how Lindal’s fresh new Turkel designs respond to the contemporary dwelling expectation through the intelligent use of circulation, shared space, structure, volume and light and incorporate many principles of environmentally conscious design.

If you have attended a webinar presented by Turkel Design in the past, you are welcome to tune in again. Turkel Design presents a large amount of valuable information about the process of building an environmentally conscious and energy efficient home, taking into account the natural features of the lot and how the house will be positioned to make the best use of natural light and ventilation, as well as how the home can be heated and cooled through passive solar and the "thermal chimney" concept. The presentation style is easy to follow, with many illustrations and cutaways to help you understand the material. Each presentation is a little different, so register for one or for all!

Representatives from Turkel Design and Lindal Cedar Homes will be available for questions at the end of the webinar.

About the Presenters

Lindal brings our clients more than sixty years of experience and innovation and we know what it takes to design and deliver a home that is glorious, enduring, and responsive to YOU and YOUR environment. Joel Turkel, of Turkel Design, is a guest author for dwell magazine, has held a faculty position at the school of Architecture and Planning at MIT and is a frequent guest lecturer at architecture schools throughout the United States. To learn more about Turkel Design, please visit

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