Aris Georges is the custom home design professional behind the mid-century modern-inspired houses in the OM Studio Design portfolio. Georges founded OM Studio to further develop the home design principles he practiced and taught for over 20 years at the School of Architecture at Taliesin (formerly known as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture). Rooted in the organic principles of mid-century modern designs, Georges’ spacious and elegant homes offer a fresh take on the classic aesthetic. All the OM Studio designs for Lindal use the flexible and efficient Lindal Elements building system.

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building connections Collaborative Custom Home Design

Georges works with Lindal’s team of drafters and engineers to help clients plan their new home. In addition to creating his own line, Georges can take any existing floor plan in the Lindal Architects Collaborative or the Lindal Elements home design plan book, and modify it to suit a client’s site and lifestyle. Georges also serves as a liaison between Lindal clients and the architectural firms that compose the Lindal Architects Collaborative (LAC). 


building 'from the inside out' The Organic Principles Behind OM Studio

Georges begins his designs by “building from the inside out.” First, he creates a functional floor plan ideally suited to the building site and his client’s lifestyle. The exterior look and feel is articulated through the choice of roof, materials, and finishes. The flexibility of the Lindal Elements system allows for home styles ranging from classic to contemporary, all stemming from one initial floor plan. The result is a home that’s fully integrated with the natural environment.


a lifelong passion Teacher, Architect-trained Designer

Aris Georges’ love of architecture began in his teens, when he worked in his tutor’s architectural studio while preparing for university. He studied architecture at the University of Florence, Italy, and completed his Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture degrees at Taliesin. Aris worked in the architectural firm of P. Makridis + Associates in Greece, and as intern architect at Taliesin Architects, where he participated in the design and construction administration of numerous residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Concurrently, he taught design studios at Taliesin as a faculty member and served on design juries at architecture schools in the U.S. and Europe. Aris was on the Taliesin team that designed homes for the Lindal Architects Collaborative program.


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