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News “Prefabulous” Author Sheri Koones Addresses Lindal Dealers

Author and prefab expert Sheri Koones addressed over two hundred attendees at Lindal’s Annual International Dealer Meeting in Seattle on January 27. Koones’ latest book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home, features over thirty stunning homes (including one Lindal home) that were designed and fabricated with energy efficiency … Continue reading “Prefabulous” Author Sheri Koones Addresses Lindal Dealers »

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News These Modern Times

You may think of Lindals as remote seaside and mountaintop retreats. However, in the spirit of the times and keeping with Lindal’s legacy of innovation, we proudly introduce the Marmol Radziner urban designs and the Taliesin Mod.Fab accessory dwelling units, available only from Lindal Cedar Homes on July 4th.

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News The What, How and Why of Green Certified Homes

Dan Wise became passionately involved in green building and certification on the local, state and national levels when the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Research Center developed its green building standard. He championed Lindal’s effort to be the first Green Approved building system under the ICC National Green Building Standard and became a vocal supporter of the Lindal-sponsored program for dealers to receive additional professional training and testing to become NAHB Certified Green Professionals in 2009.

Dan is an accredited verifier for the ICC Green Building Standard and has verified homes from Rhode Island to Ohio. He will also serve on the ICC Green Building Code Devolvement Committee for the 2015 code development cycle.We interviewed Dan to help you gain a better understanding of the Green Certification process and its benefit to homeowners.

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News The Green Guide to Prefab

Our very own Michael Harris, former CEO and now an independent Lindal dealer serving Seattle and NYC, as well as a driving force behind the Lindal Architects Collaborative, has been a guest contributor on Inhabitat.com for the past several months, putting together The Green Guide to Prefab. Four of the six planned articles are now … Continue reading The Green Guide to Prefab »

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Josefin Kannin

News Josefin Kannin

Josefin Kannin is the Director of Marketing for Lindal Cedar Homes. She joined the company in 2015. Her writing is published in numerous print and online publications including the Santa Barbara Independent, The Stranger, and Amazon ebooks (where she publishes under the pen name Clare Tisdale). She holds a BA in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara, and … Continue reading Josefin Kannin »

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News Announcing the Lindal Architects Collaborative

A Lindal Experience for These Modern Times by Michael Harris Imagine…. The marriage of leading edge modern design and the confidence and experience of over 50,000 completed projects… The resource efficiency of a disciplined building system and the guidance of a local expert… The broadest portfolio of modern design, personalized for you through a modern … Continue reading Announcing the Lindal Architects Collaborative »

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News Scott prefers pencil, Bret prefers Sketch-Up.

Leading the Lindal design team are two seasoned professionals, Studio Managers Scott Biles and Bret Knutson.

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News Creating an Industrial Buddhist Barn

Maggie’s earliest recollection of Lindal goes back to the 1960s, when, as a young girl, she accompanied her father on weekend outings to a Lindal model near Toronto. Together, father and daughter marveled at the obvious enduring strength of the post and beam system and the expansive window walls that invited nature to stylishly decorate the interior.

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News Putting the "warm" in warm|modern

We understand that our clients lead demanding lives with competing priorities, and that their Lindal Experiences must make efficient use of their time. We also understand that designing and building a new home is a highly personal process, the success of which is highly dependent on your being comfortable and our being responsive. Meet Christina … Continue reading Putting the "warm" in warm|modern »

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News A letter from the President, Bob Lindal

For sixty-six years, Lindal’s mission has always been to provide the best value in custom housing; we have changed as the world has changed.

The last several years have been challenging for anyone planning a new home. I have been involved in my family’s business for nearly 50 years and recall many market downturns, after which all returned to normal. In contrast, this emerging recovery is into a fundamentally changed world with new long-term priorities in housing.

In this letter on the Lindal Cedar Homes Blog, you can read about how Lindal has been weathering the storm, and what this means to our homeowners – past, present, and future.

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