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Lindal Webinars Inspire Audience and Presenter

News Lindal Webinars Inspire Audience and Presenter

Over the course of six years and over 80 live webcasts, Michael Harris has been the voice of the Lindal Architects Collaborative and Lindal Elements Custom Home Design Webinars. Trained as an architect at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael fist connected with Lindal as consultant many years ago, authoring the strategic plan that gave birth … Continue reading Lindal Webinars Inspire Audience and Presenter »

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News Lindal & Green Building

Lindal Dealer Director Honored for Dedication to Sustainable Green Building by the Home Innovations Lab

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The Classic Preeminent Prefab

Projects The Classic Preeminent Prefab

With all the ballyhoo of “modern,” it is sometimes easy to forget about Lindal’s deep classic roots, and how they, too, are thriving and continuing to maintain Lindal’s preeminence in the prefab universe. Take a look at these two recently completed Classic Lindals in Ontario and see for yourself how Lindals have no equal. Each … Continue reading The Classic Preeminent Prefab »

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The Skinny on Building on Small Lots

News The Skinny on Building on Small Lots

We receive many queries about building on small lots. People want to know how to achieve openness and a sense of privacy on in-town sites as small as 50×100 feet. Clients seeking to replace older houses with a modern energy efficient home or those building on prime but restricted view or waterfront lots in new … Continue reading The Skinny on Building on Small Lots »

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News “Prefabulous” Author Sheri Koones Talks Prefab

Author and prefab expert Sheri Koones addressed over two hundred attendees at Lindal’s Annual International Dealer Meeting in Seattle on January 27. Koones’ latest book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home, features over thirty stunning homes (including one Lindal home). The homes were designed and fabricated with energy … Continue reading “Prefabulous” Author Sheri Koones Talks Prefab »

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News Accessory Dwelling Units

You may think of Lindals as remote seaside and mountaintop retreats. However, in the spirit of the times and keeping with Lindal’s legacy of innovation, we proudly introduce the Marmol Radziner urban designs and the Taliesin Mod.Fab accessory dwelling units, available only from Lindal Cedar Homes on July 4th.

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News The What, How and Why of Green Certified Homes

Dan Wise became passionately involved in green building and certification on the local, state and national levels when the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Research Center developed its green building standard. He championed Lindal’s effort to be the first Green Approved building system under the ICC National Green Building Standard and became a vocal supporter of the Lindal-sponsored program for dealers to receive additional professional training and testing to become NAHB Certified Green Professionals in 2009.

Dan is an accredited verifier for the ICC Green Building Standard and has verified homes from Rhode Island to Ohio. He will also serve on the ICC Green Building Code Devolvement Committee for the 2015 code development cycle.We interviewed Dan to help you gain a better understanding of the Green Certification process and its benefit to homeowners.

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Josefin Kannin

News Josefin Kannin

Josefin Kannin is the Director of Marketing for Lindal Cedar Homes. She joined the company in 2015. Her writing is published in numerous print and online publications including the Santa Barbara Independent, The Stranger, and Amazon ebooks (where she publishes under the pen name Clare Tisdale). She holds a BA in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara, and … Continue reading Josefin Kannin »

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News A Unique Partnership

By Michael Harris Lindal Collaborates with Leading Architectural Firms in the US and Canada Lindal Cedar Homes is building a true collaborative with leading regional architects throughout North America. Working closely with Lindal design pros, the architects create wonderfully original warm modern designs. These beautiful homes efficiently employ the refined Lindal post-and-beam building system to … Continue reading A Unique Partnership »

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News Operations Manager Bret Knutson

Leading the Lindal design team are two seasoned professionals, Studio Managers Scott Biles and Bret Knutson.

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