News Greenwashing? Not here.

You’ve probably heard the term before, which describes products and companies touting themselves as “green” and “non-toxic” and “environmentally friendly” in order to grab the attention of consumers who want to go green, but haven’t educated themselves on what it really means.

I read this article in TIME magazine (yes, the same magazine that recognized Lindal Cedar Homes in their May 2009 Green Design 100), outlining the efforts of world governments to regulate and control false and misleading claims by companies. Much like the way “low-calorie” was touted in the health-conscious ’90’s, countries are now taking steps to make it easier for citizens to make smart, green decisions – not knee-jerk reactions to marketing claims.

How does this relate to Lindal? you ask… Well, it’s hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison between custom housing and household cleaners, but the very fact that you are reading this obviously means that you want to educate yourself on what being green really means. Here at Lindal, our goal is to make it easy to be green. (Are you listening, Kermit T. Frog?)

The National Association of Home Builders has developed the National Green Building Program. It is similar to LEED, but allows for “levels” (or shades) of green that you can incorporate into your new home. The main reason for Lindal being chosen as the first systems-built home manufacturer in this program is because we can supply you, with little effort on your part, with the minimum requirements to build a NAHB-certified Bronze level green home.

Obviously, you will need to make your own decisions on the type of clothes washer, water heater and floor finishing products (among other things) that will ultimately be placed in your green home, but it sure helps to know that, with a Lindal home, you are starting with a home that is, quite literally, “green from the ground up.” And, with the help of your NAHB Certified Green Professional Lindal dealer, your new home can easily achieve the NAHB’s Silver or Gold status.

To learn more about the NAHB’s Green Building Program, visit their web site at You will be impressed by their plain-speaking descriptions of what is a green home, their green home scoring tool, and resources for selecting green products for your home. (All links open in a new window, so you can close it to come back here when you’re done.)

Stay tuned… The first NAHB standards-verified green Lindal home in Washington state will be announced here soon!

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