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My family and I feel very fortunate to have Ron.  Taking LOTS of time to listen to our needs and to address our concerns. We did have special needs and with Ron’s encouragement we really did find what we were looking for.  He went through the buying process detail by detail so that we fully understood what would happen during the process.  He was on hand when we had the house delivered. Ron then gave us all sorts of ‘after purchase’ advice, including a list of shops where we could purchase furnishings, paints, kitchen stoves and much more at a little less. We chose the mortgage broker and the lawyer thanks to Ron who was always there to give advice when necessary (and it was often necessary!).  Ron would be there for us in every way possible regarding purchasing and constructing our home.  We did and still do feel protected. Thank you so very much Ron. We will be moving into our new home very soon and it’s all thanks to you.

Steve and Tricia

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