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Several considerations led us to select a Lindal “cedar” home.  We wanted a design that would blend with the landscape and yet be cheery and warm inside.  We were able to choose a basic design that we could modify to suit our needs.  The result is a Lindal home that looks great, is comfortable inside and allows us to extend our living space into the outdoors during our terrific summers.

I’m pleased to report our house was warm and cozy this past winter – a number of factors account for this:
–We have double glazing
–We have R20 fiberglass under the floors
–We have a R20 of styrofoam in the roof
–We heat the house with two efficient wood burning stoves
–A Ceiling fan in the living room circulates warm air in the central part of the house

We don’t know what our neighbors pay to heat their homes, but we feel that our cost is down from past homes we’ve owned.

Jim & Chris Bullen, British Columbia

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