Testimonials We saved a considerable amount of money

As for our experience with Lindal and our dealer Charla and Harry Miller of Executive Cedar Homes in Lafayette, CA. What we like most about our Lindal is the post and beam construction, excellent materials, options for design, and particularly, the possibility of design without an architect and construction without a builder.

We acted as our own general contractors because all the Lindal materials come as a package.We saved a considerable amount of money by designing and building our own Lindal home. My wife and I designed the whole house using a commercially available home design computer program which is the home version of the one Lindal uses to produce the final drawings and blueprints. We took the basic Lindal Ellington floor plan, borrowed some ideas from what we found in the Lindal plan books, revised, added and reduced the dimensions of the rooms to come up with our Lindal design. It all worked out well, and we love our Lindal house. It is elegant, open and comfortable. Our Lindal home is striking looking and many people stop to look at or take pictures. Of course, we had some problems during construction and after, but we were able to resolve them and all in all have had an excellent experience with our first, and only, major construction project and with a few exceptions, we ended up with more than we expected.

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