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At Custom Touch Cedar Homes, we guide our clients through their entire project, from helping you design a home you’ll love through construction and finishing, with predictable costs and results. We believe that your home should be a reflection of your needs, tastes, and lifestyle, so we take the time to explore these with you to develop your design accordingly and in line with your budget and the unique characteristics of your property.

Client Testimonials

“We love our new Lindal home! The Lindal product and process was very easy, straight forward, and timely. Paul communicated with us very well throughout the entire process.  He was clever and creative when it came to putting a ’round peg into a square hole’. Our house was on time every step of the way and was on or under budget the entire process. We were satisfied with every step of the project!”                Steve H.

 “We love our Lindal home!  It’s small and cozy and just what we wanted.  I drew my ideas on paper and Lindal brought those ideas to life. Paul made some great suggestions that made this home more than just a small box, with higher ceilings, nice cedar accents on the outside of our stucco house, and different size windows.  I would say that you will choose wisely if you choose Hermosa Creek Homes and Paul Parziale to build your dream home. Paul listens and guides you wisely.  I am living in my second Lindal home, so that tells you of the confidence I have in the product and the company.  Paul always had the answers we needed and the encouragement that made the project fun.”                        Marilyn & Cliff S.    

“Building a new home is a challenging experience, and doing so from 1000 miles away can be a daunting task, but that’s what I did with the help and advice of Paul and Sandy Parziale in planning and completing my Bayside I Lindal Cedar Home. Paul took care of the building plans, and from Day One he was in contact with me via phone and email on at least a weekly basis  I received photos of the progress from excavation to final product, and was sometimes overwhelmed by his responsiveness to my concerns, and his attention to detail. People who know me best would probably describe my sense of style as that of “Early Childhood.”  Sandy, very gently, and sometimes painstakingly, guided me in making informed choices regarding things like cabinetry, light fixtures, countertops, and paint combinations. The result of the individual and collaborative efforts of Paul and Sandy is my incredibly well-built, comfortable, and completely aesthetically attractive dream home. They done good.”                                        John H.     

 “This is our dream house. It has been amazing to watch it develop from the foundation to the final trim work. We sit in amazement in our great room most nights and remark on how we feel like we have won the lottery. It is a beautiful and unique house perfectly situated on our Rocky Mountain lot with grand views out of the large windows. Our friends and family can’t wait to visit.”           Jim & Nicola C.    

“Paul built us a beautiful Lindal home in Durango, Colorado.  We lived 1400 miles away and found Paul to be very trustworthy and thorough in his work. We had frequent communications thru e-mails, photos, and phone calls. Paul was always open to our ideas and helped us to put our own touches on our new home. We definitely would recommend Paul as a builder…  We are so glad we used Paul and built our Lindal home!”             Bruce & Sue R.

learn About Us

We are Paul & Sandy Parziale of Custom Touch Cedar Homes of Oregon. In 2016 we moved from Colorado and opened the Lindal dealership serving clients in central Oregon. Paul’s many years building Lindal homes in Colorado gives him the knowledge and experience necessary to answer all of your building questions. Sandy enjoys using her expertise and creativity in design to assist you in making sure your completed home is just what you want. We have been independent Lindal dealers since 2005.

We take pride in the 70 year Lindal heritage. With over 50,000 homes built by Lindal on almost every continent and in every climate and site location imaginable, there are few, if any, issues we haven’t dealt with when it comes to home design and construction. Our hallmarks are careful home planning, premium and sustainable building materials, and an efficient, predictable, modern system for design and delivery of your home package. In our office and in the field, we work together as a team. Our goal is to ensure your successful experience through the entire process.

Listed below are services we provide to help make your “dream home” a reality.

  • Free site visit and consultation
  • Custom design services
  • Interface with Lindal’s design and engineering staff and architects
  • Solicitation and analysis of contractor bids
  • Oversee delivery & inventory of the Lindal package
  • Building permit assistance
  • Continued support throughout the design/build process and beyond
  • Lindal’s Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Referral bonuses

Call for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation or a site visit.

our Upcoming Events

From monthly webinars to home shows, seminars and open houses, Paul and Sandy Parziale of Custom Touch Cedar Homes of Oregon serve and educate clients so they can feel confident and informed through every stage of home design and construction.

OM Studio Webinar: Client-Focused Design Services

  • Location:
  • Date:
    Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Time:
    12:00 pm

    Times are in Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

OM Studio for Lindal Cedar Homes - HestiaOM Studio Webinar

Partnering to provide a more collaborative architectural home design experience

Aris George, principal of OM Studio, taught aspiring architects at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for nearly 30 years. An advocate of the benefits of system-based design, he led the school’s collaboration with Lindal in the creation of the Architects Collaborative and Imagine Series, and has worked with the Lindal design team since 2013. His stunning designs are featured in the Lindal Modern plan book. Today OM Studio also partners with Lindal and our local dealers to create custom Lindal designs by working directly with selected clients. Aris brings his passion for Wright’s principles and for the Lindal Elements system to life with a masterful use of 3D graphics throughout the design process. Join him for an inspiring presentation and learn how he can help you design your dream home.


February Webinar: The Lindal Imagine Series

  • Location:
  • Date:
    Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • Time:
    12:00 pm

    Times are in Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

THE LINDAL IMAGINE SERIES WEBINAR: Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Home Designs for Modern Living

An introduction to seven new home designs. All the homes are inspired by the Usonian houses of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Join our webinar to preview these beautiful homes. During the presentation, we discuss the architectural features they share with the original designs. In addition, you’ll learn how to build one on your property! Presented by Frank Lloyd Wright School of architecture graduate and former faculty member Aris Georges. Georges designed several of the new Imagine Series homes. Following the webinar, join us for a live Q&A.

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