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Seattle Cedar Homes is here to help you design and construct the Lindal home of your dreams. Our goal is that your home should be a reflection of your needs, taste and lifestyle. With you, we take the time to explore and develop a design so you can build the perfect home, in line with your budget and the characteristics of your property.

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 Sakshi and Vicky bring a unique perspective, incomparable field knowledge and a diverse skillset to your home design discussion. Together they share a combined experience of over 40 years in design and building of residential and commercial spaces in the US and as far away as Asia, Europe and Mexico.

To create a home that is unique and reflects your individuality, the aim is to create a bridge between nature, people, and your dreams.”- Sakshi U

Trained as architects, your experienced Lindal designers will guide you through a client-oriented design and building process to the completion of your beautiful energy efficient Lindal home no matter what size; whether a 4 bedroom home, a vacation get-away or a backyard cottage.”- Vicky O

Get in touch with Sakshi and Vicky as you begin considering your future Lindal home and financing. If you haven’t purchased your land yet, they will assist you to make an informed decision based on site considerations for your home as well as city rules and regulations for your investment.

Call today for a complimentary design consultation to go over the process involved in getting you your Lindal home. The discussion will include budget, site and zoning analysis, Lindal house styles, contractor selection, lenders and understanding your personal needs and program.

Looking forward to collaborating with you and making your dream home a reality.

Sakshi and Vicky

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From monthly webinars to home shows, seminars and open houses, we are here to serve and educate our clients so they can feel confident and informed through every stage of home design and construction.

Webinar: Why is Lindal The Preeminent Prefab?

  • Location:
  • Date:
    Wednesday, December 14, 2016
  • Time:
    5:00 pm

    Times are in Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

Lindal Elements prefab post and beam home.Learn about the Lindal Elements approach to modern prefab in our December webinar. Take the guesswork out of planning your home design and build process. Preview the architect-designed homes of the Lindal Architects Collaborative. View floor plans and home design concepts from OM Studio. Explore the Urban Series for city living and infill lots. With our flexible, efficient and predictable Lindal Elements system, we can help you create a home you love, within your budget, and built to last a lifetime. The one-hour presentation by former Lindal CEO Michael Harris is followed by a Q&A. Register Now