Your Lindal Cedar Home Repair and Replacement Parts

Here you will find information on repair and replacement parts for doors, windows, sun rooms and hardware in your Lindal home.  

Expired Warranty Seal Failure Source Glass Locally

Please review the following if you have  an older Lindal home with a glass seal failure (fog between the panes):

Sourcing the glass locally  can be the easiest and most cost-effective solution.  A local glass shop may provide a warranty along with their work. A local shop would still need to install the glass and the customer would be responsible for the freight charges.

Note: Lindal can supply parts such as the cedar glazing bead if it is not locally available – fill out  our contact us form to request.

If you have questions about your warranty, please contact your local Lindal dealer.


Repair or Replace Screen Material Source Screen Material Locally

A local hardware store typically carries the necessary repair or replacement parts for screen material and is usually the least expensive and most expedient method for homeowners.  


Repair or Replace Contact the Original Supplier

Third-party non-wood windows and parts information (Milgard, Windsor, Andersen) can be found here:

Milgard Windows and Doors

Windsor Windows

Andersen Windows



Further Assistance Request Form and Contact Information


To learn about care and maintenance of your Lindal home, please visit our FAQ page..

Beyond the general information provided here, the best way to proceed is to contact your local Lindal dealer.

If you have questions beyond the scope of information available on this page, please contact us at

Repair or Replacement Parts Contact a Specialty Supplier

Researching and ordering the correct replacement parts for older wood windows & wood sliding doors can be a challenge because parts suppliers/manufacturers can change over the decades.  Many customers find it more efficient to work directly with a window hardware parts specialty supplier – here are a few resources:

United States

Blaine Window >>
Swisco >>


Reflect Window >>
OGS Canada >>

Not sure what hardware you have? Look at our  CEDAR WINDOW HARDWARE REFERENCE SHEET


Replacement Parts

Baldwin Door Hardware Support


Older Lindal homes may have Schlage products, learn more at



Sunrooms Lindal Cedar Homes Sunrooms Support


We can help you source replacements parts for your sunroom. Please fill out this form and a customer support rep will contact you with more information.

  • Toll-free: 1-800-508-1833 or 1-888-4LINDAL (1-888-454-6325)
  • Local: 206-725-0900