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Business Opportunities: Become a Lindal Dealer

News Business Opportunities: Become a Lindal Dealer

Start or Grow Your Business Architects, Custom Builders, Design-Build Firms & Sales Professionals Join forces with the world’s leading systems-built home company while remaining independent. Lindal has business opportunities for architects and home builders with experience in real estate and custom homes. We also seek sales and marketing entrepreneurs with real estate/custom home project experience. For over … Continue reading Business Opportunities: Become a Lindal Dealer »

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The Elements of Modern Home Design

Events The Elements of Modern Home Design

Our modern home design webinar takes the guesswork out of planning and building your new home. Learn about the Lindal Elements approach to home design. Preview the work of the Architects Collaborative, floor plans and home design concepts from OM Studio, and the Lindal Imagine Series. With the flexible, efficient and predictable Lindal Elements system, … Continue reading The Elements of Modern Home Design »

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Lindal Imagine Series Webinar

Events Lindal Imagine Series Webinar

Frank Lloyd Wright designed his Usonian homes to be beautiful and affordable, built in harmony with their natural surroundings and tailored to a client’s needs and property. Learn about the similarities—and differences—between our homes and Wrights’ originals, and how to build a Usonian-inspired home on your own land. Join architectural designers Aris Georges and Trina … Continue reading Lindal Imagine Series Webinar »

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OM Studio Design Services

Events OM Studio Design Services

OM Studio Webinar Collaborative Custom Home Design Aris George, principal of OM Studio, creates custom Lindal designs by working directly with clients. Aris brings his passion for Wright’s principles and for the Lindal Elements system to life with a masterful use of 3D graphics throughout the design process. Join him for an inspiring presentation and … Continue reading OM Studio Design Services »

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Christina Lindal Shares Her Vision for the Future

News Christina Lindal Shares Her Vision for the Future

“It’s about the legacy and giving people beautiful homes.” With roots in the family business starting in childhood, Executive Vice President Christina Lindal is uniquely qualified to lead Lindal Cedar Homes into the future.  Born and raised in Seattle, Christina Lindal’s involvement with the family-owned business, Lindal Cedar Homes, goes back to age five, when … Continue reading Christina Lindal Shares Her Vision for the Future »

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Home Construction Loan Financing

News Home Construction Loan Financing

“Interest rates are at historically low levels right now . So if you can, it’s a good time to move forward with a home-building project. Everyone working from home has more time to plan and think and wants me to crunch numbers and see if they qualify. They want to explore options, plan for a … Continue reading Home Construction Loan Financing »

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A Changing Housing Market

News A Changing Housing Market

For sixty-six years, Lindal’s mission has always been to provide the best value in custom housing; we have changed as the world has changed.

The last several years have been challenging for anyone planning a new home. I have been involved in my family’s business for nearly 50 years and recall many market downturns, after which all returned to normal. In contrast, this emerging recovery is into a fundamentally changed world with new long-term priorities in housing.

In this letter on the Lindal Cedar Homes Blog, you can read about how Lindal has been weathering the storm, and what this means to our homeowners – past, present, and future.

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News A Message From Lindal Cedar Homes

Seattle, WA — March 18, 2020 Dear Lindal Friends, We hope you are doing well and staying healthy as we all navigate the challenges that the COVID-19 virus presents. We wanted to take a minute to touch base and give you an update: Lindal Cedar Homes is working hard to keep pace with government guidance, … Continue reading A Message From Lindal Cedar Homes »

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Wright’s First Usonian Home On UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List

News Wright’s First Usonian Home On UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List

by Josefin Kannin for Lindal Cedar Homes Lindal Cedar Homes, a proud partner of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, salutes the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and its partners for their successful efforts to facilitate the designation of eight seminal works by Wright to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Among the buildings so honored is … Continue reading Wright’s First Usonian Home On UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List »

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Lindal News

News Lindal News

Follow these links to read about Lindal home lines, history, and projects.           articles Wall Street Journal: Texas Home Builder’s Modern OM Studio Lindal Home Upstater Magazine: Lindal Imagine Series Fine Homebuilding: Custom Collaboration: Lindal Cedar Homes and OM Studio Design Forbes: Lindal Cedar Homes: A Unique Prefab Company Inhabitat: Lindal … Continue reading Lindal News »

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