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Lindal is proud to use the best new home materials from Mother nature: A kiln-dried, premium-grade Western red cedar you simply won’t find anywhere else. You can choose from multiple siding options that can be mixed and matched to create a unique look. Our high-quality materials are the secret to the dramatic beauty, structural integrity, low maintenance, and living comfort in all Lindal post and beam homes. It’s also the reason we’re able to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty on every home built.

warm, natural materials Quality

IMG_9762What makes the Lindal home so unique? Is it the soaring volumes, open spaces and delicately articulated expanses of glass? The warm glow of cedar, mated with the massive strength of the post and beam frame? The stability of the homes and the company that produces them? Quality and continuous refinement? Or is it the unmatched calm and comfort of the Lindal home style?

Given the fact that no two Lindal homes are identical, the secret to their perennial appeal may well be the flexibility of the Lindal post-­and­-beam building system and its ability to respond to virtually every site and every homeowner’s vision in varied architectural styles without sacrificing its predictability and efficiency.

post and beam Structure

slideshow-2Inspired by master timber frame builders, Lindal’s unique post and beam homes allow for extraordinary design possibilities. You may desire an airy, spacious post and beam design that showcases the cedar and lets in the outdoors. Or you may prefer to arrange interior walls, doors and windows to manage traffic and to meet your most personal living style.


  • Post and Beam
    • Provides a strong framework of glulam posts and beams which supports the roof’s weight. Interior walls, as in timber frame homes, are freed from serving as structural support.
    • Provides exceptional design flexibility, giving you the greatest flexibility of any building system to modify a floorplan to your needs.
    • Allows for an open, airy interior with high ceilings and supports long spans and large expanses of glass—perfect for capturing your view.

Lindal offers post and beam home designs in more than 2,000 floor plans. So whether you want to build a 1,000 square foot cabin or a grand 6,000 square foot home, there is a post and beam home design in our library to suit your needs.

To learn more about the building materials components that come standard in your post and beam kit, visit with your local Lindal dealer who can also outline the optional top-grade materials upgrades.

defining finishing touches Interior

  • Rails

    Lindal’s trim systems allow you to personalize your home with our proprietary trim options that can be used throughout your home or just in individual rooms. The railing designs set the architectural tone of each trim system. Think of it as selecting the perfect picture frame to bring out the details of your work of art. All options use top grade Lindal-quality materials to assure a perfect match with the rest of the high quality materials in your home. Lindal’s signature trim systems include matching exterior and interior rails and doors with architectural grade Baldwin hardware. Each are designed to fit Lindal home styles with the added benefit of being handcrafted and preassembled by Lindal Cedar Homes, and are exclusively available with your Lindal home package.

  • Hardware

    Lindal offers a variety of hardware to complement the style of your home. Choose between classic, traditional, and modern hardware options.

  • Trim

    Another choice you can make to personalize your home is trim style. Think of it as selecting the perfect picture frame to bring out the details of your work of art.

    Lindal Cedar Homes offers three distinctive trim packages: Classic, Traditional and Craftsman styles. All three use top grade Lindal-quality clear cedar or fir to assure a prefect match with the rest of the high quality materials in your home.

    • The Classic Trim package adds a northwest contemporary look and feel to any Lindal home.
    • The Traditional Trim package completes the look of a Colonial, Victorian or other traditional home. This trim adds a formal element that perfectly complements architectural details such as gabled dormers, columns and decorative archways. The finely crafted casings, sills and baseboards blend well with traditional exterior and interior elements.
    • Our Craftsman Trim is reminiscent of the trim in cottage and bungalow-style homes so popular in the ’20’s and ’30’s. Characteristic wide baseboards and decorative casing create an atmosphere of nostalgia and elegance in your custom home.

    All three styles include baseboard, window and door trim. Trim packages can be ordered for individual rooms or for your entire home. Our trim options will be displayed at your local Lindal dealer’s office. In addition to these three standard trim options, Lindal also offers several Signature Trim Packages.

  • Doors

    From exterior entry cedar doors to interior wood or glass panel doors, the doors you choose in your home complete your distinctive home design.

    Choose from a variety of interior doors. Our selection of interior wood fiber doors are a simple, smart choice for your building needs that add beauty and performance to any home. Our standard interior door is solid core red oak; strong, quiet and lasting. Turn each room into a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Your Lindal dealer can help you search a database of exterior door options (plus matching side lights and transoms) and interior door choices that will match the style of your home. Our dealers can also show you several door hardware options to add the finishing touches to your door choices.

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