Our Clients Lindal Cedar Homes Reviews

With over 50,000 custom homes built since 1945, Lindal has thousands of fantastic stories from our many happy homeowners. We have compiled some of our favorite Lindal Cedar Homes reviews, homeowner stories and testimonials below, along with information about some of our projects.

If you’d like more references, please ask your local dealer to provide references on projects in your area. They are the best resource to connect you with customers to talk to about their Lindal experience.

A Renaissance Woman Masters Net Zero

Projects A Renaissance Woman Masters Net Zero

Laurie Pitman’s Journey to an Eco-Friendly House by Josefin Kannin Growing up in rural Nigeria as the daughter of medical missionaries, Laurie Pitman learned by necessity a do-it-yourself approach to life’s challenges that has served her well throughout her life, including her homebuilding adventures. Laurie today with her border collie, Emma. A Polymath With Many … Continue reading A Renaissance Woman Masters Net Zero »

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History of the Lindal A-frame

Stories History of the Lindal A-frame

A Lindal A-frame from a house plan catalog, circa 1960s When we think of unique and distinctive architectural styles, the A-frame house is one that immediately comes to mind. This simple yet stylish design has been used for centuries, and continues to be popular today. Origins of the A-Frame House The origins of the A-frame … Continue reading History of the Lindal A-frame »

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Ranch House Plans

Stories Ranch House Plans

Key Features of the American Ranch A ranch house, also known as a rancher or a rambler, is a particularly American style of home. Although the original ranch homes date back to the 1920s, they really became popular in the boom years after WWII. A ranch house plan is generally characterized by certain key features: … Continue reading Ranch House Plans »

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For a Texas Builder, a Dream Home of His Own

Stories For a Texas Builder, a Dream Home of His Own

Written by Candace Taylor Most images by Brent Humphreys for the Wall Street Journal. Carport image by Patrick Barta for Lindal Cedar Homes. Visitors to Jeff Derebery’s home in rural Texas are often surprised by the 12-foot, glow-in-the-dark square nestled among the trees on the riverfront property. “Cubie,” a glow-in-the-dark cube made from polycarbonate panels, … Continue reading For a Texas Builder, a Dream Home of His Own »

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Cabin Kits

Stories Cabin Kits

Lindal Log Homes and Cabin Kits Did you know Lindal has a history as one of the primary suppliers of log cabin kits? In 1983, the company bought Justus Log Homes, a US log homes and cabins company established in 1954, and added Justus designs to its product line. Lindal log homes and cabins sprouted … Continue reading Cabin Kits »

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Modern Home Design Webinar Recording

Stories Modern Home Design Webinar Recording

Our modern home design webinar recording takes the mystery out of the design/build of your new Lindal home. MIT School of Architecture graduate and top-selling Lindal distributor Michael Harris explains the concept of a modern home. Preview the many Lindal home designs available and learn about pricing and process. Get an introduction to Lindal’s system-built … Continue reading Modern Home Design Webinar Recording »

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A Farmhouse Floorplan

Stories A Farmhouse Floorplan

 Light pours in to this one-story farmhouse floorplan through floor-to-ceiling windows in the double height great room. A beautiful, compact and functional home under 2,000 square feet, the modern Lindal Elements Ash is a one-level farmhouse style home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A covered porch and breezeway separates the communal living and … Continue reading A Farmhouse Floorplan »

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Beach House Plans

Stories Beach House Plans

  A Modern Lindal Home with Traditional Japanese Design Elements By Jos Kannin for Lindal Cedar Homes Photo: Kevin Scott “I thought of this project as ‘blurred lines.’ I wanted materials to flow from inside to outside without a hard line. I’m a very al fresco type of person, and every hour of the day … Continue reading Beach House Plans »

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A Peaceful Farmhouse

Stories A Peaceful Farmhouse

In this beautiful, tranquil spot, life takes on a slower pace. Farm house style is warm, comfortable and welcoming. Natural building materials such as wood and stone are often used. Lindal’s post and beam construction is the perfect choice for a farm house, because it allows for large, open living areas without the need for … Continue reading A Peaceful Farmhouse »

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Financing Your Lindal Home

Stories Financing Your Lindal Home

  There are several different home building loan options for financing your new home. Getting a loan to build a house can take some research and you may want to contact several banks and financial institutions to find the best fit for your needs. There are also some creative ways to put together financing to … Continue reading Financing Your Lindal Home »

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A Contemporary House Plan Realized

Stories A Contemporary House Plan Realized

  The owner of this contemporary Lindal home built in Washington State is a tech executive in his 40s whose work travels pre-Covid took him to Japan and Europe for two weeks out of every month. A modern architecture aficionado, he commissioned architect Jim Cutler – a luminary in the world of Pacific Northwest-based architects … Continue reading A Contemporary House Plan Realized »

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The Courtyard House

Projects The Courtyard House

At their first meeting, Mrs. Yoon and her husband told project designer Sakshi Uomoto of Seattle Cedar Homes that they wanted to create a home for their large family to nest and their church community to pray. Modern Island Home is a Light-Filled Ode to Family’s Korean Heritage This vision of communal multi-generational living shaped … Continue reading The Courtyard House »

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Projects Construction

Curious about what it’s like to build your own Lindal post and beam home? We’ve gathered a selection of videos and photographs to help you visualize the construction process. We also invite you to visit our process page for more information on the steps involved in the design and build of a Lindal home from … Continue reading Construction »

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3D Virtual Home Tours

Stories 3D Virtual Home Tours

Tour the Lindal Elements Modern Classic Ash A modern Lindal Elements Ash home, built in Wisconsin. House reference number: #42066 Tour a Lindal Elements Custom Architect-Designed Home A custom Turkel Design for Lindal home. House reference number: #41465 See more custom homes by Lindal. Tour the Lindal Elements Cascade A modern Lindal Elements Cascade home, … Continue reading 3D Virtual Home Tours »

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How I Did It: Sir Walter Lindal, Founder

Stories How I Did It: Sir Walter Lindal, Founder

Lindal Cedar Homes: Built to Last By Sir Walter Lindal (1919-2011) as told to Chris Lydgate of Inc Magazine. First published in 2006. Sir Walter Lindal sits in his Lindal home in 2006.  The first Lindal homes-$195 for the basic package-were simple affairs. Sir Walter Lindal’s name may carry an aristocratic ring but his origins … Continue reading How I Did It: Sir Walter Lindal, Founder »

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A Classic Lindal Home Gets a Makeover

Stories A Classic Lindal Home Gets a Makeover

A Classic Home Remodel Shana and Doug Johnson* lived in Kirkland, WA for 20 years, but when Doug got a job near the Sea-Tac airport, they decided it was time to move. “The commute was killing him,” Shana said. Before: The Johnsons bought a classic Lindal home on the shores of a lake south of … Continue reading A Classic Lindal Home Gets a Makeover »

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The Benefits of Cedar Siding on Your Home

Stories The Benefits of Cedar Siding on Your Home

The name Lindal Cedar Homes is historically synonymous with the image of post-and-beam cedar siding houses, built with high-pitched roofs and expanses of glass to take in panoramic views. This kind of classic home is still a large part of the Lindal Cedar Homes portfolio. It’s a style of home that has stood the test … Continue reading The Benefits of Cedar Siding on Your Home »

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Eco Friendly Homes

Stories Eco Friendly Homes

Building an energy efficient house is easy with Lindal. We don’t use fancy technology (though you can install it if you want to). We combine our home designs and eco-friendly house plans with an approach to siting and construction that focuses on environmental sustainability and the use of natural heating and cooling principles. Read on … Continue reading Eco Friendly Homes »

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Lindal Cedar Homes Review: A Waterfront Cabin in the Woods

Projects Lindal Cedar Homes Review: A Waterfront Cabin in the Woods

A rendering of the waterfront cabin viewed from the lake. A Beloved Summer Retreat Becomes a Retirement Dream Home For 30 years, a small cabin on the shores of Lake Roesiger in Washington State was a beloved summer retreat for the Wood family. When the couple retired, they decided to make it a permanent home. … Continue reading Lindal Cedar Homes Review: A Waterfront Cabin in the Woods »

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A Custom Home Built in Texas

Stories A Custom Home Built in Texas

After working for years as a custom home builder in Texas, Jeff Derebery knew exactly what he wanted when he approached Lindal dealer Brent Hughes of Majestic Peaks Custom Homes. Most people have an image of their dream home – one that perfectly suits their needs, lifestyle, and sensibility. What Jeff had in mind was … Continue reading A Custom Home Built in Texas »

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A Waterfront Custom Home Design

Stories A Waterfront Custom Home Design

Nancy and Ron are two passionate educators, juried artists, and world travelers. They worked closely with Michael Harris, owner of independent Lindal dealership Warmmodern Living, to create Heron Rock: A custom home design that suits their interests, budget, build site and lifestyle. This modern Lindal Elements waterfront home in Washington State is a modest 1,800 … Continue reading A Waterfront Custom Home Design »

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Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

Stories Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

When Gina Covell Maddox lost her home in Hurricane Ivan (2004), she turned to independent Lindal Cedar Homes distributors Manson and Laura Peppers of Blue Ridge Cedar Homes to design and build her new home. During the rebuilding process, Gina and her husband (pictured below) lived in an RV on their property – as did … Continue reading Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael »

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Home Design Services

Stories Home Design Services

Your House, Your Choice Image credit: Michael Harris Three Ways to Design Your Custom Lindal Home From initial design to 3D rendering to newly constructed dream home! Take a plan straight out of one of our home design plan books. Modify an existing design. Or work with our architectural drafting and design professionals for a … Continue reading Home Design Services »

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5 Modern House Styles You Will Love

Stories 5 Modern House Styles You Will Love

These ‘Kit Homes’ Stand Out With Unusual Details From Truly Tiny Backyard Cottages to a Stunning Mansion with Walls of Glass and a Butterfly Roof In 2009 Lindal Cedar Homes expanded its design range with a new line of modern home designs. These luxury kit homes are built from premium materials and pre-cut at Lindal’s … Continue reading 5 Modern House Styles You Will Love »

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Client Reviews

Testimonials Client Reviews

Atlantic Custom Homes Reviews I went to sleep one night and had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt of working with wonderful people; and of creating a truly special home, a home that would be a very personal expression of “me,” a home that would stand the test of time and let my soul live … Continue reading Client Reviews »

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Surviving the Hurricane

Stories Surviving the Hurricane

How Secure is Your Lindal Home in a Hurricane? Above: This home on Ramrod Key in Florida was completely decimated by Hurricane Irma. The Lindal home of neighbors Mike and Elaine McDonnell remained intact.   Homes Engineered to Last a Lifetime How safe is your home in a hurricane? Most of us hope we’ll never … Continue reading Surviving the Hurricane »

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A Living Legacy

Testimonials A Living Legacy

Arthur Stephen and his late wife built their wheelchair accessible Lindal home in a new development just north of Austin, Texas. The home has a broad entry ramp and a large wraparound deck with egress from the master bedroom. These modifications allowed Arthur’s wife, who used a wheelchair, full use of the house and deck, … Continue reading A Living Legacy »

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Warmmodern Living Reviews

Testimonials Warmmodern Living Reviews

Custom Home Design Seattle NYC client reviews I take great pride in the relationships that I develop with my clients. It is a large part of the trust required in such a major personal undertaking of their time and expense. These were written by actual clients and collaborators. They speak to the Lindal product; my unrelenting … Continue reading Warmmodern Living Reviews »

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A DADU – Or Two

Projects A DADU – Or Two

  Accessory Dwelling Units and Small Homes Grow in Popularity Across the U.S. and Canada   Creative Solutions for Space and Privacy Do any of the following describe your household? You have an older child or children living at home. Family or friends regularly come for extended visits. You would love a private space to pursue … Continue reading A DADU – Or Two »

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Our Dream House Come True

Testimonials Our Dream House Come True

“My husband and I always dreamed of building and owning a Lindal home. So when we moved to the Durango area we started looking for a dealer. We were fortunate to find a Lindal dealer who is also a well-established and experienced builder. In fact, we truly lucked out when we discovered that they are … Continue reading Our Dream House Come True »

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A Tribute to Desert Modernism

Stories A Tribute to Desert Modernism

By Josefin Kannin Mid-Century Modern Design and the Desert House The Desert Modernism movement began in the 1950s, as architects in southern California, inspired by the beauty of their surroundings, developed a new, desert house style designed to integrate with the unique environment. Today, the style remains popular with homeowners, celebrities, and cultural enthusiasts alike, … Continue reading A Tribute to Desert Modernism »

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Big in Japan

Stories Big in Japan

Written by Josefin Kannin The Lindal Home of the Hayashi family in Karuizawa, Japan. Lindal Houses for Work, Play, and Every Day Yuki Hayashi, president of the Osato Research Institute (ORI) in Gifu, Japan, is a longtime Lindal fan. Since 1998, he and his wife, Toshi, have built three Lindal homes. A fourth is in … Continue reading Big in Japan »

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A Custom Lindal Cedar Home in Virginia

Stories A Custom Lindal Cedar Home in Virginia

by Josefin Kannin Rustic Style & Modern Amenities in a Rural Retreat After 13 years in New York City, Len and Linda Santalucia were ready for a change of pace — and scenery. They planned to buy land in a rural area and build their dream home when Len retired. Originally, the husband and wife … Continue reading A Custom Lindal Cedar Home in Virginia »

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A Custom Home Designed for Site, Lifestyle and Budget

Projects A Custom Home Designed for Site, Lifestyle and Budget

The Couple Aeon was a senior art director at Tiffany’s in NYC and lived in the Big Apple for over two decades. Cathy was a top model who traveled the world doing photo shoots for major magazines. After years of big city living, the power couple wanted a calmer life in the Pacific Northwest. They … Continue reading A Custom Home Designed for Site, Lifestyle and Budget »

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Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery

Projects Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery

Written by Josefin Kannin Twenty years ago, Steve Crandall opened Tectonics, a Lindal dealership located in central Virgina. At the time, he never dreamt that his job designing and building custom Lindal homes would lead to a second career as the owner of Devils Backbone Brewing Company. The hugely popular brewpub is a striking Lindal … Continue reading Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery »

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Thank You for Sticking with the Budget

Testimonials Thank You for Sticking with the Budget

“Well, I think we’re closing in on the permits. There has been more back-and-forth with our engineers, but it’s getting worked out. Through all the craziness of the permitting process, I finally had to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet to understand the costs and how it’s all coming together. It’s prompted me to write this … Continue reading Thank You for Sticking with the Budget »

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The Best Prefab Homes

Stories The Best Prefab Homes

10 Reasons Lindal Offers the Best Prefab Homes   Designed  and  Manufactured  to  Build Anywhere  in  the  World Lindal is the Modern Systems-Built Home of Choice for More People than All Other Prefab Homes Combined View Modern Prefab Floor Plans >>  1. Custom Home Design & Engineering Flexibility We have hundreds of floor plans for … Continue reading The Best Prefab Homes »

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An Off The Grid Home in Colorado

Stories An Off The Grid Home in Colorado

Living off the grid wasn’t part of the original plan for the Marciantes. But that was before their local utility company said it would cost $32,000 to bring electrical power to the property. At that point, with the help of their Colorado-based Lindal dealer, Brent Hughes of Majestic Peaks Custom Homes, they decided to go … Continue reading An Off The Grid Home in Colorado »

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A Green Home Grows in Seattle

Projects A Green Home Grows in Seattle

  Eco-Friendly Homes by Lindal Image courtesy of Seattle Times The First Green-Certified Home in Washington State Wendy Jans’ home is truly a pioneer home. That’s because it’s the first house in Washington State that is certified under the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Standard. Her Lindal, which the Seattle Times calls “the gold standard of green,” … Continue reading A Green Home Grows in Seattle »

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An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands

Projects An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands

by Josefin Kannin | for Lindal Cedar Homes In 1997, Alex and Jens Hanson were given a Lindal Living Dreams plan book for Christmas. After a hard day’s work (she as a nurse, he as a corporate tax attorney), they would sit in the living room of their ornate Italianate home in Orange County, pour … Continue reading An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands »

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A Home in the Heart of Downtown

Stories A Home in the Heart of Downtown

Written by Josefin Kannin A Contemporary Custom Home in Calgary, AB Michelle Van Raay had a mission: To build a modern Lindal home with a distinct aesthetic that would also be a functional, comfortable retreat for her family. When she opened her copy of Dwell Magazine and saw the image of a Turkel Design for … Continue reading A Home in the Heart of Downtown »

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Custom Country Classic

Testimonials Custom Country Classic

Massachusetts Custom Home This magnificent custom Classic Countryside was built by a lovely couple for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. It started with a purchase of a house on a pristine lake in the Berkshires. The house was torn down to make room for the new one – 6,000 square feet of living space. The house includes … Continue reading Custom Country Classic »

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Testimonials Rave Review for Majestic Peaks

“Majestic Peaks did a fabulous job. It was a truly great experience from start to finish. We recommend Brent and Stephanie from Majestic Peaks and Lindal Cedar Homes to anyone looking to build. The quality was excellent and the folks were great.”   John and Sandra Montrose, Colorado

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A Lindal Home Delivery

Projects A Lindal Home Delivery

A beautiful setting, gorgeous view, and perfect weather… what more could you want? How about 97,000 pounds of building materials on two long-bed trucks, delivered to a clean and organized job site and inventoried by a local Lindal dealer? It’s all part of the services provided when you work with Lindal to build  your dream … Continue reading A Lindal Home Delivery »

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Award Winning Lindal Custom Home in Pittsburgh

Stories Award Winning Lindal Custom Home in Pittsburgh

When Duke and Gisela began planning a replacement for the vintage 1943 home in which they raised their children, their goal was to design a home that was totally accessible and would allow them to live on one level as they matured. Their new home would be environmentally responsible and an appropriate addition to its … Continue reading Award Winning Lindal Custom Home in Pittsburgh »

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Stories Review of Turkel Design for Lindal Home

Halfway between edgy Montreal and Paris-quaint Quebec City, overlooking Lac Magog and a commanding view of Mount Orfird, is a Lindal that bridges two worlds. “I had always wanted a home with exposed beams, warm and rugged. But at the same time, I was attracted to the modern edge of New York’s urban lofts. I … Continue reading Review of Turkel Design for Lindal Home »

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A Green Family Homestead

Stories A Green Family Homestead

While talking with Will, a radiologist from the Maritimes, and Katarina, a primary grade teacher raised in Sweden, it quickly becomes clear that building a modern Lindal was motivated by the desire to create a living environment that nurtures family and modern values. Their Turkel Design Lindal, in Georgian Bay, 150 kilometers (90 miles) north … Continue reading A Green Family Homestead »

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Lindal Cedar Homes Canada: Reviews

Testimonials Lindal Cedar Homes Canada: Reviews

Lindal Cedar Homes Canada Reviews Reviews from clients of independent Canadian Lindal Dealers Douglas Pocha and Barbara Pocha Prairie Cedar Homes, Western Canada Fine Point Cedar Homes, Saskatoon region A Lindal Elements Modern Home Hi Barb & Doug, We are very grateful that we met you as we started in 2016 the process of building … Continue reading Lindal Cedar Homes Canada: Reviews »

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Testimonials Reviews on the high quality of materials

  Lumber We were especially impressed with the quality of materials and the way they were shipped to us.  Everything was in boxes or wrapped to protect it from the elements.  It was unusual to see pallets of lumber arriving on a job site in boxes.  All of the lumber was top quality. No warped … Continue reading Reviews on the high quality of materials »

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Testimonials Testimonials and Reviews from Lindal Clients

Washington State We have recently completed our Lindal home on Whidbey Island and are so completely satisfied we felt the need to write you about our experience. Prior to our decision to buy a Lindal, we went back and forth for about 5 years trying to decide if the product was truly that much better … Continue reading Testimonials and Reviews from Lindal Clients »

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Amazing Acoustics!

Testimonials Amazing Acoustics!

As you know, we love our beautiful Lindal home. It has turned out to be everything we could have dreamed of, and more. Visitors often stop to take a breath the first time they walk through the front door as they try to take in all of the beautiful structure and the views out through … Continue reading Amazing Acoustics! »

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Testimonials A long time dreaming

Exceptional Dealer Support About 16 years ago, I saw my first Lindal Cedar design book.  I made up my mind at the time, I wanted to eventually build a home similar to the ones I saw in the book.  Over the next 12 years I purchased two more of these design books and I visited … Continue reading A long time dreaming »

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Testimonials Lindal Representative Reviews

Calm and Efficient Dealers My builder was amazed at the quality of the materials; he had never seen framing lumber this good. In addition, my house has always been extremely sturdy and warm which is important since I live on a cliff overlooking Lake Superior. We are very well pleased with the completed project: challenges … Continue reading Lindal Representative Reviews »

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Testimonials Weathering a hurricane

Hawaii Hurricane Leaves Lindal Intact Hurricane winds reached a constant 160 mph, with gusts over 180 mph. These sustained winds and extremely heavy rain continued to batter our area all day. We watched as whole roofs, porches, and entire homes were destroyed. Our Lindal cedar home, with its outstanding materials and construction, had weathered the … Continue reading Weathering a hurricane »

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Testimonials Unique features

Carson Cedar Homes Review: “Top Quality Materials and Top Quality Builder” When we started planning our home, we felt the two most important things were top-quality materials and a top quality builder.  Certainly Lindal Cedar Homes and Carson Cedar Homes exceeded those expectations.  Lindal and Carson worked with our local architect and executed the design … Continue reading Unique features »

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Testimonials Builder Reviews of Lindal Cedar Homes

Five Lindal Homes… and Counting As we begin our fifth Lindal Cedar Home, we would like to take time to comment on working with Lindal.  The wood and cedar furnished in the Lindal package is some of the highest quality materials that I have used.  The windows and doors are also very high quality and … Continue reading Builder Reviews of Lindal Cedar Homes »

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The Best Vacation Home

Testimonials The Best Vacation Home

Lindal Homes for Recreation and Retreat While many clients choose a Lindal as their primary residence, others build a Lindal to use as a vacation home, or as a home they will eventually retire to. Following are some client testimonials on their experiences building—and living in—their Lindal vacation dream homes. A Vacation Retreat in Chesapeake … Continue reading The Best Vacation Home »

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Without trying to compose prose, some thoughts on the house and the process of building it……We built in an unusual 110-year old community of 80 homes that surround 4 small lakes and a 9-hole golf course.  Three of the recently built homes were Lindal, two of them pretty much right out of the book; the … Continue reading »

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Testimonials We chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality

We own two Lindal homes and we chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality and the ability to adapt your designs from the book. Like our mountain house, we spent about a year going thru the book, deciding first on the shape and roofline.  Then I looked at the interior … Continue reading We chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality »

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Review: A Unique Experience

Testimonials Review: A Unique Experience

Our experience with the design and building process is somewhat unique in that the building site property has been in the family for over fifty years. There was always a sense of keeping an eye out for a home design that would fit into the heavily wooded hillside overlooking the private lake. A number of … Continue reading Review: A Unique Experience »

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We Love our Lindal Home

Testimonials We Love our Lindal Home

A Casa Islena Lindal home Kathy and I wanted a house that we would never tire of; one that would catch the eye and imagination while at the same time make you feel totally comfortable and at ease. We chose Lindal because of its superior building materials, beautiful finish woods, and design flexibility.  Our dealer, … Continue reading We Love our Lindal Home »

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Testimonials The Best Kit Home

We received the photos of our home and wanted to thank you.  They really are beautiful photos.  We’ve included them in an album of all the other photos you provided last time around. Louise and I cannot compliment Lindal enough for all you have given us. This home is really the expression of the dream … Continue reading The Best Kit Home »

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Testimonials We liked the open look with lots of windows

The design of our home was a several step process… we hired an architect in New York who drew the inside plan and the outside looks.  We submitted his drawings to Lindal and received the blueprint.  After some modifications we settled on a plan. We are very pleased with the outcome and feel it was … Continue reading We liked the open look with lots of windows »

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Testimonials I LOVE THIS HOUSE!

I chose Lindal because I like the look and quality of the homes.  I researched other types and came back to Lindal.  I met with the Boise dealers and we made an immediate, creative team. I liked the overall design of the Beachfront model, but wanted to add my own features.  I worked with my … Continue reading I LOVE THIS HOUSE! »

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