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Immediate openings for Lindal reps in areas of the U.S. and Canada

Canada: BC, QB, AB

Contact Todd Callender
Phone: (206) 892-1291

Perfect for entrepreneurs with sales, construction, home design, building, architecture, real estate, interior design, sales, or related experience. Start your own small business or expand a custom home-building or architect business with our guidance and support. Sell our high-end home packages to homebuyers in your region with support from our corporate team of drafters, engineers, marketing experts, customer service and inside sales reps.

Interested? Contact Lindal dealership development manager Todd Callender at 206-892-1291 or

Why Start a Lindal Dealership?

  • Housing leader for 75 years.
  • Zero franchise fees & low start-up cost.
  • International brand recognition.
  • Highly motivated leads: over 50% own land.
  • Marketing support and funds for lead-generation and advertising.
  • Premium materials and custom design options.
  • Exclusive relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to produce Usonian-inspired homes.
  • Lindal in-house sales, marketing and design team to support dealers & convert leads to sales.
  • The only green-approved system-built home.
  • Custom-engineered for any site.
  • Industry’s only Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  • Industry’s best home design and floor plan collections.
  • Benefit from Lindal’s extensive network of trusted suppliers and our cutting-edge design technology
  • Represent a brand synonymous with exceptional quality and impeccable customer service

Attend a New Dealer Training

Dealer training is a two-day interactive online session.
Interested? Contact Dealer Development Manager Todd Callender.
Call (206) 892-1291 or email

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Although it is beneficial to have direct experience in housing or construction for this opportunity, it is not completely necessary, as we will train you.

Contact a Dealer Development Representative below to start a Lindal dealership in the US or Canada.

Or contact Lindal dealership development manager Todd Callender at 206-892-1291 or

Start a Lindal Dealership in Your Area USA

  • Georgia

    Justin Peppers
    (404) 376-3093

  • Hawaii

    Andy Harrington
    (808) 822-0690

  • Iowa

    Carl Vuk
    (319) 984-9126

  • Michigan

    Rick Fulmer

  • Pennsylvania, New Jersey

    John Suchy
    (267) 614-2795

Start a Lindal Dealership in Your Area Canada

  • Western Canada

    Jason Stockman
    (604) 771-7072

  • Atlantic Canada

    Tim Crosbie
    (709) 682-6609

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Is there a franchise or dealership fee?


What materials do I get / need? Is there a cost for becoming a dealer?

There are a variety of optional marketing materials that you can stock for customers, or they can order directly from Lindal. Fees/Costs: A $5,000 deposit is required prior to attending training, which can be applied to the cost of an optional model home or first retail sale. In addition to the costs of running your ongoing business, you will need to add the Lindal info/status, set up a separate sales company (to differentiate from any existing company), set up a company webpage on, subscribe to the cloud-based Salesforce lead management system, run a Google Ads campaign with a minimum $100/month out-of-pocket investment for the first 6 months of their active dealership, and travel to Seattle (if training is not held online) for training, among other costs.  Lindal also expects you to actively pursue local lead generation as sometimes the best leads come from locally generated resources. 

Do I need to build a model home?

No. there are a variety of dealership options. They include – Commercial Model Home Center, Lindal Design Center, Home Sales Office or Subdivision Dealership. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a dealer training program?

Your Lindal career begins with a “New Dealer Training” seminar in Seattle, WA (this may be offered virtually). We provide additional training through monthly Continuing Education webinars, regional meetings, and an annual dealer conference each year.

Does Lindal offer advertising/marketing support?

Yes. All dealers are expected to participate in a cooperative advertising program that we fund for new dealers, which helps subsidize various advertising/marketing activities. Every dealer has a web page for their dealership on our website that can be modified and personalized by the dealer.

build a home in texasCan I choose any location I want?

Although we will consider any location that you may have in mind, we are actively recruiting new dealerships in select areas.

Do I get a protected territory?

Yes, an area of primary responsibility is assigned to each dealership. No other Lindal Cedar Homes dealer will be set up in your area. Leads are provided by Lindal and result in inquiries by potential customers currently residing in your territory, or additional locations by mutual agreement.

Can I sell to people who want to build in other states or provinces?

You may sell to anyone in your country. You can also advertise in areas outside your territory, as long as you use your approved dealership address. This is sometimes done in cooperation with other dealers. Ads can run online or in print publications which are distributed throughout the state or country.

Other than Seattle-based personnel, does Lindal offer regional support for dealers?

We have regional Dealer Advisory Council members. These are experienced Lindal dealers, elected by the dealership network, who are available to help you. In select areas, we also have Dealer Development Directors who will mentor and support you.

If I build up a business, is it my asset, and can I sell it later?

Yes, as a result of your efforts, the business is definitely yours, and Lindal will allow you to sell it to an approved person.

Do I need to have a real estate license or building/construction experience?

No, you won’t be selling real estate. Some of our top dealers came from other fields and had no prior experience in the housing industry. However, it does help to have sales and marketing experience.

For areas of the US and CANADA not listed, or for INTERNATIONAL INQUIRIES:

Contact Lindal Dealership Development Manager Todd Callender at 206-892-1291 or

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