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We believe that better, faster, sustainable and financially predictable projects are possible, after all, we have been doing it for over 6 decades! Our team combines decades of knowledge and experience in the System Built Prefab homes aimed at making the home design and build process, personalized, predictable and poignant.


Our team comprises of Designers, Structural Engineers, Drafters, Estimators, Schedulers, Customer Service experts and more. Together we help our clients turn their vision into a Lindal home they love. 

Sakshi Uomoto, the Team Lead at Seattle Cedar Homes brings a unique perspective and diverse skill set to your home design process.  Drawing from her years of architectural experience she will collaborate with you to create a process that is customized for your distinctive needs.

Get in touch with us as you begin considering your future Lindal home and financing. If you haven’t purchased your land yet, we will assist you to make an informed decision, based on-site considerations for your home as well as city regulations for your investment. Call today to schedule a  complimentary design consultation to go over the process involved in planning your Lindal home. The discussion will include budget, site and zoning analysis, Lindal house styles, contractor selection guidelines, lenders and most importantly understanding your personal needs and program.


As the only Lindal owned dealership we are placed right in the headquarters with direct access to all things Lindal from the latest products to sales promotions!

Our process is flexible and so are the services we provide, easily adaptable to different situations. We work with our clients to design a home within the Lindal Post and Beam system and proceed to create a construction set for the same and a detailed list of materials and specifications of their Lindal kit.

 We also offer complimentary interior material selection services to help our clients have a cohesive vision for their home. It truly takes a village to finish a successful project, we will assist you in finding necessary consultants, such as civil engineers, general contractors,  landscape designers, permit expeditors and more as needed by your specific site conditions.


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Our Process

The design and build of a custom home is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. However, the custom home design and build process can be challenging, complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we are here to guide you through each stage of the experience, from getting you in touch with land and project feasibility experts to loan officers with extensive experience in working with Lindal clients.

Are we a Good Fit for you?

We will start the process by scheduling an in-office meeting or over the phone conference call with you and our studio design manager, Sakshi Uomoto to learn about your site, needs, personal aesthetics, and project budget.  We are here to listen and understand how we can help achieve your goals. We then proceed to share some relevant Lindal home plans and provide you with preliminary estimates to help with project financial feasibility.


Design Service Agreement

The Design Service agreement aka schematic design and estimating phase is what makes Lindal unique. Through creativity, Lindal structural system guidelines, and architectural strategies we will establish your project size, shape, and orientation and provide you with schematic home drawings, shadow studies, 3D model and Lindal Kit and services estimate.


Purchase & Sales Agreement

Phase 1 | Purchase & Sales Agreement – Design Development

During this phase, we will start working on a preliminary construction set for your Lindal home and simultaneously coordinate with all necessary consultants for your project.  This process will be adapted based on the number and scope of work of external consultants. We have collaborated with civil engineers, arborists, permit specials, landscape architect, interior designers, and more depending on your specific needs

Phase 2 | Construction Documents

Now is when we zoom in on the details from finalizing the structural drawings to the material finishes for your Lindal home as well as everything else that goes into getting your home ready to move in, be color of your walls or the type of flooring you choose. At the end of this phase, we will be handing off the construction set to you to apply for a permit within your jurisdiction.


Authorization To Ship

As soon as you get your approved permit from the zurisdiction, we get cracking on manufacturing your Lindal home elements.

During this final stretch, we will work together to make the vision a tangible reality and make sure its executed right, with the help of our 24×7 customer service team to assist you with construction administration.


Each Design is a Specific Response to The Site and Your Needs - Different Ways To Start The Process

As you look around, you’ll find wide disparities in the quality of design and building materials – even among high-end homes. Many companies limit your selection of plans and options to personalize your home. We are different, we provide you the opportunity to create a home that fits your lifestyle with the features you have always wanted.

Whether you’re moving up, scaling down, building a sleek modern home or a cozy country retreat, the Lindal system gives us unprecedented design flexibility to create your unique home. Of course, you can have any of our time-proven floor plans just as they appear in our planning books. Or, you can work with us to create your own one-of-a-kind Lindal home.


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Personalize an existing Lindal Floor Plan

Many homeowners use their favorite Lindal plan as the point of departure for creating their original home. A few simple modifications can have a great impact on the style of your Lindal home. Some changes are as simple as the choice of exterior materials and accents, or a change in the shape or placement of windows. Sakshi Uomoto at Seattle Cedar will help you explore the many ways that such modifications can have a tremendous visual, lifestyle, and budget impact.

Lindal Elements ASH 1800 sqft

Lindal Sketch Services

Start with one of Lindal’s plans and modify it to work with your family’s lifestyle and site requirements. After your ideas and budget are outlined, we will review your plans and provide you with a quick sketch to show you what your home will look like and create an approximate Lindal package price based on the information and personal  specifications you provide, such as the type of siding, style of windows, placement of cedar ceiling liner, etc. Sakshi Uomoto,  your contact with Lindal Sketch Services and your guide to designing your new home.


Custom Design Services by Seattle Cedar

For a custom-fit solution to your new home, Lindal Custom Design Services is an excellent choice. Our in-house designer, Sakshi Uomoto, who uses advanced design and visualization methods in an engaging and efficient manner will work with you to create a unique home. Our process includes live design reviews in online meetings where decisions are made on plans and digital models. This approach honors and fulfills your wishes for a collaborative approach to custom design within Lindal’s post and beam system.


Building your home is a major investment. Today, more than ever, not all homes are created equal.

We encourage you to compare our services to what others have to offer. The success of your dream home is directly related to the quality of the team involved. Seattle Cedar Homes combines the best of all worlds; your ideas and wish list; Lindal’s cutting-edge, award-winning team, the hands-on advice, attention, and years of architectural experience of Seattle Cedar Homes Team. Additionally, the financial strength and quality assurance of Lindal all backed by a lifetime structural warranty. This is the kind of team it takes to turn a dream into a living reality – and the kind of company you can count on to be here for you. Whether you’re starting with a sketch on a napkin, or have already found a Lindal design you love, we’re ready to help you create the most exciting home in the world. Yours.

Completed Lindal Homes

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