Bates Masi

Bates Masi’s reputation for innovative architecture goes well beyond their roots in the design-savvy Hamptons. Selected as one of only nine firms worldwide showcased in Record Houses 2012, Bates Masi’s modern reinterpretation of enduring and nostalgic forms of the region, brilliantly juxtaposing rugged natural and more polished manufactured materials is widely recognized and appreciated.

On the exterior, Bates Masi’s work is often singular in form and object-like. On the interior, the interplay of ever-changing filtered light, transparency to the exterior landscape contrasted with sheltered enclosure, and the playful interplay of open and private space create lively living environments.

The Bates Masi + Lindals

Bates Masi has created bold modern barns with the warm and enduring Lindal building system. Reminiscent of the weathered barns that dot the Northeast countryside, the home is a singular form with no extensions. Like a cherished object, the home is showcased on a simple wooden pedestal deck. While elegantly simple, the roof “leans” asymmetrically, as if from over a hundred years of exposure to the elements. The shingle siding is peeled away to expose the skeletal structure and windows, admitting light to the interior.

Inside, the nostalgic metaphor continues. A single volume, walls and ceiling lined with cedar, the fully exposed post and beam structure rises from the floor to the ridge of the roof. The ridge is expressed with a narrow skylight that runs its entire length, welcoming sunlight and moonlight patterns, ever-changing day to day and season to season.

Private spaces – bedrooms and bathrooms – are expressed in fully enclosed modules that punctuate the lofty interior casting shadows and create loft-like retreats and varied ceiling heights within the structure’s singular volume.

“Bates Masi and Lindal Cedar Homes share a spirit of innovation and decades of experience in bringing new ideas to reality.”

Paul Masi, Principal

Bates Masi Floor Plans

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