Carney Logan Burke

Carney Logan Burke Architects of Jackson, Wyoming has a well-earned reputation for designing comfortable year-round retreats that have deep roots in the region’s architectural heritage. For over 20 years, Carney Logan Burke has been selected by clients from every region of the United States and Canada and a host of international locations.

Their Lindal designs comprise a series of interchangeable and additive pavilions. These pavilion forms are reminiscent of 19th century mining camps. They are simply clad with wide and rustic vertical cedar siding and punctuated with deep metal-clad bump-outs that provide added depth at critical interior locations. Pitched metal roofs shed snow. The roofs are articulated with floating architectural truss work on the interior. Deep overhangs on the exterior form covered decks and porches and shelter the homes and the homeowners from inclement weather. Exposed rafter tails and girders or metal tie rods articulate the structure and maintain human scale.

Carney Logan Burke has developed a design vocabulary that creates inviting and relaxed living environments. But don’t let the casual comfort fool you. The crisp architecture and detailing is highly disciplined, purposeful and downright extraordinary.

Carney Logan Burke Floor Plans

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