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A young firm with a holistic approach to architecture, ZeroEnergy Design continuously balances the aesthetic, technical, and financial aspects of design, building, and daily living. Their refreshingly innovative approach guides them to fulfill the mission of creating healthy homes with exceptional energy performance including reduced operational costs, open flexible interiors that belie their compact footprints, and the reassurance of comfortable aging in place.

ZED’s success in achieving these lofty ideals has led to numerous regional and national design awards. Their work has appeared in scores of print and online features including Fine Homebuilding, EcoHome, New England HOME, Design New England, The New York Times, on NPR, and in Sheri Koones’ Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home.

Client-direct services to achieve net-zero include climate specific energy consulting paired with high performance mechanical system design.

Boston’s ZeroEnergy Design architects has been garnering regional and national press and awards for their residential and commercial design work and consulting services that yield 50-80% energy reduction without over-reliance on high technology. Thoughtful and efficient design, passive solar techniques, super-insulation and intelligent system design yield high performance with financially practical payback.

The first ZeroEnergy Design Lindal Architects Collaborative home, shown here, created exclusively for Lindal clients incorporates a number of important modern lifestyle features in a warm modern Lindal environment. Designed for compact in-town sites that reduce reliance on automobiles, this efficient multi-generational dwelling features a light-filled and flexible interior and a bold exterior in a neighborhood-respectful form. Ready to be personalized for Lindal clients’ building sites.

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