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As we begin our fifth Lindal Cedar Home, we would like to take time to comment on working with Lindal.  The wood and cedar furnished in the Lindal package is some of the highest quality materials that I have used.  The windows and doors are also very high quality and not only finish well–but also do a wonderful job of sealing out the weather.  The Lindal plans, specifications, and material lists are detailed and very comprehensive. I always look forward to receiving the next set of Lindal plans because I know very little time will be lost during construction due to customer changes, material shortages or material defects.  In these days of unstable lumber costs, it is a relief to know that lumber prices are guaranteed and much time is saved due to shopping pricing and availability of materials.

This new Lindal, I am sure, will be the focal point of this new neighborhood and will stand out as an example of superior quality and design.   Lindal’s flexibility in the design process truly helps to individualize each Lindal home and each new owner shows a great deal of pride and satisfaction in owning their Lindal home.


David Howard, Builder


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