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Carson Cedar Homes Review:

“Top Quality Materials and Top Quality Builder”

When we started planning our home, we felt the two most important things were top-quality materials and a top quality builder.  Certainly Lindal Cedar Homes and Carson Cedar Homes exceeded those expectations.  Lindal and Carson worked with our local architect and executed the design flawlessly. Given the size of the house and amount of glass, we’ve found our home to be very energy efficient.  It’s warm even on the coldest and windiest days; in fact, it’s so well built we can’t even hear a strong wind.  The house is bright even on the cloudiest of days. For the central core, Lindal was able to engineer a four-gable roof with vaulted ceiling and lots of windows which let daylight in from all directions.With a young family and frequent house guests, we’ve especially enjoyed the large kitchen and family dining area.  Our guests have commented on how well our home fits into the wooded lakeshore setting.  They especially admire the warmth and beauty of the Lindal cedar wood, the quality of construction, and the unique features of each room.  They are also impressed by day and night views of the house from the yard and the lake.

Summertime boat traffic in our bay has increased significantly since we built our home, with frequent spectators cruising by.  Someone always asks who did the outstanding stonework in the fireplaces, exterior ground level and retaining walls.


Rick & Bobbi Freitag

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