Stories A Classic Lindal Home Gets a Makeover

A Classic Home Remodel

Shana and Doug Johnson* lived in Kirkland, WA for 20 years, but when Doug got a job near the Sea-Tac airport, they decided it was time to move. “The commute was killing him,” Shana said.

Before: The Johnsons bought a classic Lindal home on the shores of a lake south of Seattle, WA.

After: In five months, working with a trusted architect and contractor, the homeowners remodeled the entire residence and grounds.

Built in 1995, the home is Lindal’s very popular Summit design. The prow adds drama and views while the change in roof pitch creates a warm, cozy feeling inside.

Before: Nothing dates a home like wall-to-wall green shag carpet.

The couple loved “the wood ceiling and windows and the open concept,” Shana said. “It had good bones.” However, the home was sadly outdated. “There was green shag carpet everywhere, even in the bathroom upstairs!” Shana said.

Making an Entrance

Before: For many years Lindal emphasized the dramatic view side of its homes, with the result that the actual entryway could seem like a bit of an afterthought. This homeowner added a new walkway, steel planter, art and new rail at the entry. An enclosed bump-out with glass entry door was added to the design to create a division between the entry and great room.

After: New paint, lights and trim, garage doors of metal and frosted glass, new landscaping (so long, pampas grass), and an entry gate added to the left of the garage helped direct visitors to the front door and greatly improved the home’s curb appeal.

The classic home remodel began with new paint and trim, exterior lights, and a new patio. Improved landscaping made a perfect frame for the home’s design.They paid special attention to the entry, adding an entry gate to make it more visible and improve the home’s curb appeal. A frosted glass door was added to the garage for a modern look, as well as a new glass entry door. The new garage doors “made a huge difference from the street,” Debbie said.

Opening Up the Great Room

Before: The front door (on the back wall) led straight into the great room, next to the kitchen.

After: The homeowners bumped out a side wall to create a new front door that opens into a small entry/utility area.

Before: The old kitchen. The natural light came from a sky wall that was replaced with Lindal windows. Note the awkwardly placed post in the kitchen and the drywall on the stairs and loft area.

After: The pure Summit style wanted to be honored but updated with simple and clean modern attributes. The biggest change to the interior was made to the staircase and loft overlooking the great room. New floating stairs opened the space, as did removing a post holding up the loft area, and replacing the half wall in the loft with a metal railing, opening the upstairs to more light, air, and views. In the same view of the remodeled kitchen, beautiful natural wood flooring takes the place of the wall-to-wall green shag carpeting. The homeowners added a large island topped with granite. By opening up the kitchen, the Johnsons gained a clear view to the lake and open access to the deck. The lighting hardware easily tucks behind the black steel girder and wall directly above the island.

 The laundry room was moved out of the garage and repositioned to a space inside the home by removing an interior wall.

Bedroom and Bathroom Remodels

“Upstairs in the master bedroom, we moved a wall out into the room so we got a bigger walk-in closet and bathroom.”

“We now have a toilet room with sliding pocket door. We got rid of the tub and added a nice big shower and double-sink vanity instead.”

Shana said her favorite part of each day is waking up and seeing the view of the lake from the upstairs master bedroom. It feels very spacious. They turned the two upstairs bedrooms into offices for each of them, “so when the kids come home I bring out the airbeds!”

“I love the kitchen, my husband jokes that it’s a living area attached to a kitchen. It’s a pleasure to cook in there.

A new deck and stairs were added to the remodel, perfect for enjoying an outdoor barbecue and views of the lake.

Nearly everything inside the home was replaced in this extensive remodeling project. This beautifully remodeled Lindal home is sure to give these proud homeowners enjoyment for years to come. “It’s a great house,” Shana said. “We’re really happy with it.”

*Homeowners’ names changed for privacy.

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