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I take great pride in the relationships that I develop with my clients. It is a large part of the trust required in such a major personal undertaking of their time and expense.

These were written by actual clients and collaborators. They speak to the Lindal product; my unrelenting effort to meet the client budget, and my ability to create designs that delight clients and resolve differences of opinion between them that arise throughout the design process.

I received some of the following client expressions as emails during the course of their projects and appear in this edited form with the permission of my clients.

-Michael Harris, Independent Lindal Dealer

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Amy and Frank Soto hired Michael to design their Lindal home and accessory dwelling unit in Washington State. They were thrilled with the result – a beautiful, functional home perfect for multi-generational living and integrated with its natural surroundings.

“Michael came to our site, he listened to what we wanted, and developed something to our liking that was functional and ultimately affordable.”

-Frank Soto, WA


I was looking for an artful experience designing my new home with an architect who had a real commitment to responding to the uniqueness of our land and environment, and who had the ability to respond to my desire for a both functional and sculptural home.  I wanted the kind of relationship with an architect where I could be a strong partner in the creative process.  After attending a Lindal web seminar where Michael talked about his vision for designing homes, and how the Lindal approach allowed for flexibility and custom design suited to clients’ dreams, I knew I had found my architect.   Our first meeting further confirmed my impression.  From that time forward Michael and I maintained an ongoing exchanging of ideas via email and face-to-face meetings which resulted in the design of a house that is now under construction! Michael was responsive to every inquiry, problem, and challenge presented along the way.  He drew and redrew the plans in response to my input.   I did enjoy the design experience.  Now to realize our new home is a dream come true.   

-Nancy L., Langley, WA

When we embarked on the overwhelming process of building our home, we needed guidance. I knew what I wanted and didn’t want, but my priorities were not the same as my husband, Gary’s. And neither of us had a sense of how all of our priorities were going to be organized in one house that functioned well for our family and frequent guests and looked great on a flat open site. We found in Michael and Lindal the ability to translate our inarticulate visions and make them a joint, mutual goal. He worked with us on every step from his initial concept drawings through detailed lighting layouts to guiding the finish selection process. Michael was the perfect mix of patient and firm with deadlines and decisions and compromises needing to be made. In our plans and in our home, our expectations have been exceeded and our family is so happy with the finished product. Pulling up in front puts a smile on all of our faces each time.    

-Maia E., Southampton, NY

 Through all of the craziness of the permitting process, I finally had to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet to understand the costs and how it’s all coming together.  It’s prompted me to write this THANK YOU email to you for sticking with your budget!  

– Amy and Jay R., Issaquah, WA

The framing wood and beams are, indeed, beautiful, exceeding the quality of what I’ve seen offered by local lumber yards and local building supply vendors substantially.  Also, the quality appears better than our previous Lindal deliveries in 1975 1984.   You have reason to crow about how beautiful the framing lumber is.  You’re right.

 The structure constructed thus fa appears to be very rugged, and will likely withstand much more wind/seismic/snow/occupants jumping up and down etc. loading than parts of the house constructed in the past.

 –Mike and Brenda A., East Lyme, CT

As we near completion of our extensive home remodeling and expansion project, the time has come to provide feedback about our experiences with Lindal Cedar Homes, and especially, our Lindal Dealer Mr. Michael Harris.    We have lived in a Lindal Cedar home for more than 40 years, having built the original house in 1975, and added on and remodeled in 1984.   The original house was constructed as our family was young, and remodeled in 1984 to meet the needs of a family with teenage children. Our most recent effort commencing in 2015 is to remodel once again; this time, as maturing empty nesters, as our needs and desires have once again changed.   The latest effort is designed with a large window walled solar room to support indoor gardening, a revised master bedroom and master bathroom suite with age in-place features such as a barrier free shower, and an elevator in lieu of changing the house layout to a single level.  As we write this review today, the exterior of the house is largely complete and we are now working to finish the interior walls and floors after near term plumbing/heating/air conditioning/ and electrical rough-in efforts get finished.

 It is again clearly apparent jut how beautiful the Lindal design and materials provided can be assembled into a truly special and beautiful home. It has been a complicated challenge to remodel twice, and come up with a result that suits our needs, and, at the same time, is beautiful to behold.   Our Lindal Dealer Michael Harris deserves much of the credit in working closely with us to understand and determine our needs, and thenceforth, apply his considerable architectural skills to get us to the point we are now.    Although we believe we had the requirements of  the remodeling in focus before we met our Dealer, our initial concept was a long way from being executable.  Had it been constructed as initially conceived, it would have paled in comparison to what we were able to achieve with the assistance and involvement of Michael Harris.    Lindal Cedar Homes remains an attractive choice for those who would want something special for their home, especially, if the customer is fortunate to have Michael Harris as the Dealer.

-Michael & Brenda A., East Lyme, CT

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