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CustomTouch_Clients“My husband and I always dreamed of building and owning a Lindal home. So when we moved to the Durango area we started looking for a dealer. We were fortunate to find a Lindal dealer who is also a well-established and experienced builder. In fact, we truly lucked out when we discovered that they are a team, Paul and Sandy Parziale. Paul has extensive experience in construction and applies that to the Lindal experience. The added bonus was having Sandy for consultation in the house interior and exterior design, detail work, and moral support.  We love our Lindal home and thank them for a job well done!”

Gail E.

P.S. You are welcome to share any stories, photos, testimonials that came from building the house.  We love the house more each day that we live in it.  Everyone who visits us is awed by the structure and the view.  Thank you both for making our dream house come true.

About Custom Touch Cedar Homes: Paul and Sandy Parziale of Custom Touch Cedar Homes recently moved to the West Coast. They now serve Lindal clients in the Redmond, Oregon area.

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