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Without trying to compose prose, some thoughts on the house and the process of building it……We built in an unusual 110-year old community of 80 homes that surround 4 small lakes and a 9-hole golf course.  Three of the recently built homes were Lindal, two of them pretty much right out of the book; the other a modification of two designs.  Our site was so unusual (a narrow point of land surrounded on three sides by water and a golf course on the 4th) and the end-look we wanted wasn’t in the book, so we went the custom route.

We got ideas from all our friends who had built fairly recently about what to do, and — more importantly — what they wish they had done differently.  One thing we noticed was that the 3 Lindal owners we talked to LOVED their homes, and they had all become friends with the builder, Larry Askren, who built all three.  Friends that they socialize with, travel with – AFTER the home was built. How’s that for a testimonial.

We decided on the builder first, and he convinced us about Lindal.  One of his customers, a neighbor, told us that we wouldn’t save any money going with a Lindal home, but that the quality of the materials and the builder would make it a true value.  I remember neighbors stopping by the construction, commenting on both the materials (“not even one bowed stud”) and the workmanship (“rough carpentry better than most finished carpentry I’ve seen”).

The house was designed after the architects made a few site visits, and spent time in the community to get a feel for what fit the overall look.  My favorite compliments about the house are the vein of: “It looks like it’s been there for a long time.” and “The best use of a site, and most appropriate-for-the-community of any of the homes built here.”

Yes, it’s energy efficient, especially with the zoned geothermal system we put in; but that’s only important once a month.  What’s important every day is that it is so comfortable, so nice to live in, so nice to look at.  We’ve been in it a year and a half, and sometimes still just look at it in amazement and appreciation.

We have a mix of beautiful warm vaulted cedar ceilings (in the more “public” rooms), and lower, cozier conventional ceilings (in the bedrooms and our “away room”).  We were influenced by Sarah Susanka’s “Not so Big House Book”, and by feng shui principles. And then we adjusted to make the house work for us.

We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives in this house.  And we know it will be around to be enjoyed by generations after us.

Sincerely, N. S.

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