Testimonials We chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality

We own two Lindal homes and we chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality and the ability to adapt your designs from the book.

Like our mountain house, we spent about a year going thru the book, deciding first on the shape and roofline.  Then I looked at the interior and this is where Keith Appleman, your dealer is indispensable.  I don’t think we would have gotten started on the beach house without him.  I told him what I wanted and we took the inside plan and moved walls, added and subtracted floor space.  He made fantastic suggestions that I would not have thought of and is really a major part of the whole plan.

The quality of the materials and ease of delivery, set up, etc. not to mention not missing a crucial part and having to make a lumber run is also a huge plus.

We have recommended Lindal and Keith Appleman as a package deal to several friends, including our builder.  He found Keith so fantastic he has ordered his own Lindal that will come next spring I think.  Also a co-worker of my husband has land on the beach way south and has the Lindal book and Keith will help her too.  We are tentatively thinking of maybe a Lindal farm house on the 6 acres we live on now or the 5 acres we just bought close to our beach house.

We will end up selling the mountain cabin and just using the beach house.  The quality of that house will assure us of a good sell thru – we can use that money for MORE Lindals!!

How many of your customers have built 2 and are contemplating THREE of your houses!! Again, this is just the most superior product and the key to it all is your books.  We also went thru to decide on fireplaces, windows, etc. Take the best ideas from every picture and incorporate it into your own home to make it fit your lifestyle.

We will have a lifetime of happiness and new traditions with our family in this house.  Christmas will always be celebrated at the beach and since it was built, Thanksgiving is always at the mountain Lindal.

Thank you for such a great product and people.

Sincerely, Julie Stranburg

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