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Building an energy efficient house is easy with Lindal. We don’t use fancy technology (though you can install it if you want to). We combine our home designs and eco friendly house plans with an approach to siting and construction that focuses on environmental sustainability and the use of natural heating and cooling principles. Read on for our tips and methods for building an energy efficient home.

Is Lindal Environmentally Conscious?

Are we ever! Lindal uses wood judiciously in our production procedures, and we buy our wood from sources that follow sustainable forestry practices. We also do not use “old-growth” timbers and prefer a smaller log to maintain quality.

Western red cedar, used in our homes, is a member of the arbor vitae family and is grown primarily on the West Coast of the United States and Canada. Protecting and preserving the environment is a top priority at Lindal. Lindal is concerned about the environment and wants to protect and enhance it.

Lindal’s environmental consciousness is reflected in everything we do, from the way we run our plant to the way we operate our home office.

eco friendly home


Lindal Cedar homes built the vary first green certified home in Washington State, pictured above.

25 Trees Planted for Every Lindal Home Built

We also purchase individual memberships for our homeowners in one of the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizen’s conservation organizations, American Forests. Since the 1990s, Lindal Cedar Homes has faithfully supported the American Forests Global Releaf   forest restoration program by helping plant trees on behalf of new Lindal home buyers. As a thank you to new Lindal homeowners, Lindal sponsors their membership as a “Forest Protector,” which includes 25 trees being planted in their name.

Since 1990, Global ReLeaf has planted more than 50 million trees in damaged and degraded ecosystems in every single state and in 38 countries worldwide. As this nation’s oldest national conservation organization, they have been at work since 1875 helping to preserve the health of our planet for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Our relationship with American Forests stretches back over 25 years—almost as long as the Global ReLeaf program has been running—and has resulted in the planting of more than 100,000 trees in critically important ecosystem restoration projects.

How to Build an Energy Efficient Home: Three Eco-Friendly Home Tips

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Tip #1: Use Sustainable and Renewable Building Materials

The building materials you pick to build your new home factor into saving energy and our environment. Trees improve the environment, as they supply oxygen and help control ground water. Of course, trees make a great building material—and they can be replenished quickly by planting new green trees.

At Lindal Cedar Homes, we are concerned about the environment, and we use responsible building and business practices to protect and enhance it. It is the layperson’s perception that the best timber comes from the biggest and highest-quality old-growth timber available. Actually, wood fiber from a second-growth pulp log is exactly the same as the wood fiber from the finest tree in an old-growth forest. Moreover, the second growth timbers have improved knot quality, due to their small diameter. One of the reasons our founder, Sir Walter Lindal, chose to work with cedar is that it grows quickly and is relatively straight. After more than 70 years, Lindal Cedar Homes is committed to purchasing the highest quality building materials from responsible suppliers who utilize sustainable harvesting practices.

Tip #2: Siting Your Home To Use Natural Heating and Cooling Energy

Another area that Lindal focuses on is training our dealer network. Each dealer is knowledgeable in siting your new home to protect the ecosystem on your lot, as well as designing your dream home to use the surrounding environment to capture the sun’s energy and resist the extreme weather patterns to make your home energy efficient. Contact your local Lindal dealer and ask about their services.

As environmental issues continue to evolve, rest assured that Lindal will continue to procure and develop green building products to ensure you build the most energy efficient house possible.

Tip #3: Solar Panels

We can provide design assistance to incorporate many solar home lifestyles into our post and beam system. Whether that be active solar panels or passive use of the sun on the site, we can incorporate all your needs. Many Lindal homes have been built with solar panels and they can easily be incorporated into most of our energy efficient home designs.

solar panels carport hestia texas eco friendly home

Read about this Lindal design by OM Studio; a home built in Texas with solar panels on the carport.

A Smart Home Without Excess Technology

Here’s an insightful excerpt from an article on Lindal’s approach to eco friendly home design by taking advantage of natural heating and cooling principles by Michael Harris, a longtime Lindal dealer:

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