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Lori and Tony Rhodig of Wy’East Homes are here to help Lindal clients design and build their own homes in southern Washington and northwest Oregon. Their goal is to ensure that your new home be a reflection of your needs, taste and lifestyle. With you, they take the time to explore and develop a design so you can build the perfect home, in line with your budget and the characteristics of your property. They are super excited about the modern plans and Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian-inspired ones.

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We took on this new role because of Lindal’s excellent material quality and their 75 years of providing client satisfaction. Lori has decades of experience as a project manager and engineer working on corporate and non-profit energy efficiency. Tony has worked with Lindal Cedar Homes for 20+ years as a contractor, sun room-builder, and remodeler. He was a certified Aging in Place Specialist with the NAHB and has many successful projects in his repertoire; from simple bathroom remodels to complete Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs). Tony has even modified older Lindal homes for accessibility. Lori’s strengths in communications and client contact, along with Tony’s strengths in building design, site planning, and order processes, make them a dynamo team.

We take pride in the 75-year Lindal heritage. With over 50,000 Lindal homes built on almost every continent and in every home style, climate and site location imaginable, there are few if any issues we haven’t dealt with when it comes to home design and construction. Our hallmarks are careful home planning, premium and sustainable building materials, and an efficient, predictable, modern prefab system for design and delivery of your home package. In our office and in the field, we work together as a team. Our goal is to ensure your successful experience through the entire process.

Listed below are services we provide to help make your dream home a reality.

Project Timeline

For your timeline, start with the desired completion month and work backward.

1. Preliminary Design:  Concept and Creation

Preliminary design creation tends to take 4-8 weeks. This phase includes site discovery and a site visit with Lindal’s local specialist.  This is where you make the critical design choices and decisions that are necessary to start your building timeline. This time estimate includes the customer consultation, design walkthrough, and a 3D computer generated model of the design. Read about our Design Program Options – from basic design to fully custom home.

2. Finalize Design & Material Package

Finalizing the design and materials package takes around  1-3 weeks. You and your independent Lindal specialist will go over any changes that need to be made to the design. Once you are happy with the design layout, we begin drafting the working drawings for the new home. You will also know have a solid idea of cost for the Lindal structure and a good estimate for the rest of it.

3. Obtaining Construction Bids

You can send the design to your general contractor or 2-3 for bids. Depending on their schedule (winter is a good time), this may take 2-4 weeks.

4. Obtain Building Permits

Obtaining permits and approvals can take 3-6 weeks. However, the amount of time it takes to get permits and city or county approvals can vary greatly and be much longer than this.  It’s best to learn about permit requirements now and be aware that this can take time.

5. Prepare Site and Foundations

Preparing the site, excavating and pouring foundations takes approximately 2 weeks.

6. Framing to Weatherproof Structure

It takes about 4-5 weeks to frame the home to the critical lock-up stage. The home is complete on the outside and work can begin on the interior.

7. Utilities, Insulation & Drywalling

Expect 4-6 weeks to complete all of the stages that take your home from lock-up to interior finishing. They are pretty straightforward but they happen much faster when your home has been designed correctly and the materials are high quality.

8. Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is the final step to building your home. Typically it will take about 8-12 weeks to finish. This can depend heavily on your own preferences and style.  Many of our materials interior and exterior come pre-stained or pre-painted, which saves time.

our Upcoming Events

From monthly webinars to home shows, seminars and open houses, we are here to serve and educate our clients so they can feel confident and informed through every stage of home design and construction.

The Elements of Modern Home Design

  • Location:
  • Date:
    Sunday, October 24, 2021
  • Time:
    12:00 pm

    Times are in Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

contemporary-house-Lindal-Elements-rear-elevationOur modern home design webinar takes the guesswork out of planning and building your new home. Learn about the Lindal Elements approach to home design. Preview the work of the Architects Collaborative, floor plans and home design concepts from OM Studio, and the Lindal Imagine Series. With the flexible, efficient and predictable Lindal Elements system, we can help you create a home you love,
within your budget, and built to last a lifetime. The presentation by former Lindal CEO Michael Harris is followed by a live Q&A.


Lindal Imagine Series Webinar

  • Location:
  • Date:
    Wednesday, November 17, 2021
  • Time:
    5:00 pm

    Times are in Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed his Usonian homes to be beautiful and affordable, built in harmony with their natural surroundings and tailored to a client’s needs and property. Learn about the similarities—and differences—between our homes and Wrights’ originals, and how to build a Usonian-inspired home on your own land. Join architectural designers Aris Georges and Trina Lindal for a unique presentation of nine home designs, followed by a live Q&A.