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With over 50,000 custom homes built since 1945, Lindal has thousands of fantastic stories from our many happy homeowners. We have compiled some of our favorite Lindal Cedar Homes reviews, homeowner stories and testimonials below, along with information about some of our projects.

If you’d like more references, please ask your local dealer to provide references on projects in your area. They are the best resource to connect you with customers to talk to about their Lindal experience.

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Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery

Projects Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery

Written by Josefin Kannin Twenty years ago, Steve Crandall opened Tectonics, a Lindal dealership located in central Virgina. At the time, he never dreamt that his job designing and building custom Lindal homes would lead to a second career as the owner of Devils Backbone Brewing Company. The hugely popular brewpub is a striking Lindal … Continue reading Turning Dirt into Gold at Devils Backbone Brewery »

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Thank You for Sticking with the Budget

Testimonials Thank You for Sticking with the Budget

“Well, I think we’re closing in on the permits. There has been more back-and-forth with our engineers, but it’s getting worked out. Through all the craziness of the permitting process, I finally had to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet to understand the costs and how it’s all coming together. It’s prompted me to write this … Continue reading Thank You for Sticking with the Budget »

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10 Reasons Lindal is the Best Prefab Home

Stories 10 Reasons Lindal is the Best Prefab Home

Designed  and  Manufactured  to  Build Anywhere  in  the  World 1. Experience: In the last 71 years, Lindal Cedar Homes has designed and produced over 50,000 homes, built throughout the world in every climate, on every type of terrain, and in every regulatory environment. Since the introduction of its modern design program in 2008, Lindal has … Continue reading 10 Reasons Lindal is the Best Prefab Home »

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Off the Grid in Colorado

Stories Off the Grid in Colorado

It takes teamwork to build any custom home and even closer coordination for eco built homes that are off the grid, without reliance on public utilities—a green home in the strictest sense. Colorado-based Lindal dealer, Brent Hughes of Majestic Peaks, proved to be an invaluable resource of expertise for the Marciante family, coordinating design, engineering, … Continue reading Off the Grid in Colorado »

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A Green Home Grows in Seattle

Projects A Green Home Grows in Seattle

  green home building The First Green-Certified Home in Washington State Wendy Jans’ home is truly a pioneer home. That’s because it’s the first house in Washington State that is certified under the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Standard. Her Lindal, which the Seattle Times calls “the gold standard of green,” is meticulously solar-sited. Seattle Cedar Homes … Continue reading A Green Home Grows in Seattle »

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An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands

Projects An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands

by Josefin Kannin | for Lindal Cedar Homes In 1997, Alex and Jens Hanson were given a Lindal Living Dreams plan book for Christmas. After a hard day’s work (she as a nurse, he as a corporate tax attorney), they would sit in the living room of their ornate Italianate home in Orange County, pour … Continue reading An Architect-Designed Lindal in the San Juan Islands »

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A Home in the Heart of Downtown

Stories A Home in the Heart of Downtown

Written by Josefin Kannin A Contemporary Custom Home in Calgary, AB Michelle Van Raay had a mission: To build a modern Lindal home with a distinct aesthetic that would also be a functional, comfortable retreat for her family. When she opened her copy of Dwell Magazine and saw the image of a Turkel Design for … Continue reading A Home in the Heart of Downtown »

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Custom Country Classic

Testimonials Custom Country Classic

A note from dealers Jan and Greg Buhler of Atlantic Custom Homes: Massachusetts Custom Home This magnificent custom Classic Countryside was built by a lovely couple for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. It started with a purchase of a house on a pristine lake in the Berkshires. The house was torn down to make room for … Continue reading Custom Country Classic »

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Perfect for Extended Family

Testimonials Perfect for Extended Family

“The first time Tom and I built a Lindal we customized a small footprint to work perfectly for a young couple. The second time around square footage was still a concern, but we needed space for our two children, my parents, and lots of company. We started out on Plan A, and after more edits … Continue reading Perfect for Extended Family »

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Testimonials Rave Review for Majestic Peaks

“Majestic Peaks did a fabulous job. It was a truly great experience from start to finish. We recommend Brent and Stephanie from Majestic Peaks and Lindal Cedar Homes to anyone looking to build. The quality was excellent and the folks were great.”   John and Sandra Montrose, Colorado

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