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With over 50,000 custom homes built since 1945, Lindal has thousands of fantastic stories from our many happy homeowners. We have compiled some of our favorite Lindal Cedar Homes reviews, homeowner stories and testimonials below, along with information about some of our projects.

If you’d like more references, please ask your local dealer to provide references on projects in your area. They are the best resource to connect you with customers to talk to about their Lindal experience.

Financing Your Lindal Home

Stories Financing Your Lindal Home

  CAN I BUY A PIECE OF LAND THAT IS NOT A FINISHED LOT AND SAVE SOME MONEY? That’s a good question. While it may be possible to purchase an unfinished lot, generally, this is not advisable for the individual building his or her own home, because the costs of bringing roads and utilities to … Continue reading Financing Your Lindal Home »

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Stories Eco Friendly Homes

Is Lindal Environmentally Conscious? Are we ever! Lindal uses wood judiciously in our production procedures, and we buy our wood from sources that follow sustainable forestry practices. We also do not use “old-growth” timbers and prefer a smaller log to maintain quality. Western red cedar, used in our homes, is a member of the arbor … Continue reading Eco Friendly Homes »

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Stories The Benefits of Cedar Siding

The name Lindal Cedar Homes is historically synonymous with the image of cedar post-and-beam homes, built with high-pitched roofs and expanses of glass to take in panoramic views. This kind of classic home is still a large part of the Lindal Cedar Homes portfolio. It’s a style of home that has stood the test of … Continue reading The Benefits of Cedar Siding »

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Build a Home in Texas

Stories Build a Home in Texas

Longtime Texas Home Builder Finally Builds His Own Custom Home in Texas Hill Country Somewhere in the minds of most people is the dream of a certain kind of home – one that perfectly suits their needs, lifestyle, and sensibility. After working for years as a custom home builder in Texas, Jeff Derebery knew exactly … Continue reading Build a Home in Texas »

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A Waterfront Home

Stories A Waterfront Home

A Custom Lindal Elements Waterfront Home on Whidbey Island   Home and Property Details: Two-acre lot 1,830 square foot house 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Primary Residence of Nancy Loorem Adams and Ron Adams Nancy and Ron are two passionate educators, juried artists, and world travelers who recently married. The two worked closely with Michael Harris, … Continue reading A Waterfront Home »

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Stories How to Build a Fire Resistant House With Allura Siding and Other Materials

Lindal Cedar Homes Engineered to Meet Fire Code  Lindal is currently offering a 10% discount on home packages to people who lost their homes in the Paradise Fire, Hurricane Michael or in any of the devastating wildfires or floods that have ravaged California and other regions of the Western United States and Canada. Please contact … Continue reading How to Build a Fire Resistant House With Allura Siding and Other Materials »

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Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

Stories Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

When Gina Covell Maddox lost her home in Hurricane Ivan (2004), she turned to independent Lindal Cedar Homes distributors Manson and Laura Peppers of Blue Ridge Cedar Homes to design and build her new home. During the rebuilding process, Gina and her husband (pictured below) lived in an RV on their property – as did … Continue reading Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael »

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5 Modern House Styles You Will Love

Stories 5 Modern House Styles You Will Love

These ‘Kit Homes’ Stand Out With Unusual Details From Truly Tiny Backyard Cottages to a Stunning Mansion with Walls of Glass and a Butterfly Roof In 2009 Lindal Cedar Homes expanded its design range with a new line of modern home designs. These luxury kit homes are built from premium materials and pre-cut at Lindal’s … Continue reading 5 Modern House Styles You Will Love »

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Surviving the Hurricane

Stories Surviving the Hurricane

How Secure is Your Lindal Home in a Hurricane? Above: This home on Ramrod Key in Florida was completely decimated by Hurricane Irma. The Lindal home of neighbors Mike and Elaine McDonnell remained intact.   Homes Engineered to Last a Lifetime How safe is your home in a hurricane? Most of us hope we’ll never … Continue reading Surviving the Hurricane »

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Client Testimonials for Warmmodern Living

Stories Client Testimonials for Warmmodern Living

Custom Home Design Seattle NYC client testimonials I take great pride in the relationships that I develop with my clients. It is a large part of the trust required in such a major personal undertaking of their time and expense. These were written by actual clients and collaborators. They speak to the Lindal product; my unrelenting … Continue reading Client Testimonials for Warmmodern Living »

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