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With over 50,000 custom homes built since 1945, Lindal has thousands of fantastic stories from our many happy homeowners. We have compiled some of our favorite Lindal Cedar Homes reviews, homeowner stories and testimonials below, along with information about some of our projects.

If you’d like more references, please ask your local dealer to provide references on projects in your area. They are the best resource to connect you with customers to talk to about their Lindal experience.

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Testimonials Unique features

Carson Cedar Homes Review: “Top Quality Materials and Top Quality Builder” When we started planning our home, we felt the two most important things were top-quality materials and a top quality builder.  Certainly Lindal Cedar Homes and Carson Cedar Homes exceeded those expectations.  Lindal and Carson worked with our local architect and executed the design … Continue reading Unique features »

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Testimonials Builder Reviews of Lindal Cedar Homes

Five Lindal Homes… and Counting As we begin our fifth Lindal Cedar Home, we would like to take time to comment on working with Lindal.  The wood and cedar furnished in the Lindal package is some of the highest quality materials that I have used.  The windows and doors are also very high quality and … Continue reading Builder Reviews of Lindal Cedar Homes »

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The Best Vacation Home

Testimonials The Best Vacation Home

Lindal Homes for Recreation and Retreat While many clients choose a Lindal as their primary residence, others build a Lindal to use as a vacation home, or as a home they will eventually retire to. Following are some client testimonials on their experiences building—and living in—their Lindal vacation dream homes. A Vacation Retreat in Chesapeake … Continue reading The Best Vacation Home »

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Without trying to compose prose, some thoughts on the house and the process of building it……We built in an unusual 110-year old community of 80 homes that surround 4 small lakes and a 9-hole golf course.  Three of the recently built homes were Lindal, two of them pretty much right out of the book; the … Continue reading »

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Testimonials We chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality

We own two Lindal homes and we chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality and the ability to adapt your designs from the book. Like our mountain house, we spent about a year going thru the book, deciding first on the shape and roofline.  Then I looked at the interior … Continue reading We chose a Lindal for the second time because of the superior quality »

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Review: A Unique Experience

Testimonials Review: A Unique Experience

Our experience with the design and building process is somewhat unique in that the building site property has been in the family for over fifty years. There was always a sense of keeping an eye out for a home design that would fit into the heavily wooded hillside overlooking the private lake. A number of … Continue reading Review: A Unique Experience »

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We Love our Lindal Home

Testimonials We Love our Lindal Home

A Casa Islena Lindal home Kathy and I wanted a house that we would never tire of; one that would catch the eye and imagination while at the same time make you feel totally comfortable and at ease. We chose Lindal because of its superior building materials, beautiful finish woods, and design flexibility.  Our dealer, … Continue reading We Love our Lindal Home »

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Testimonials The Best Kit Home

We received the photos of our home and wanted to thank you.  They really are beautiful photos.  We’ve included them in an album of all the other photos you provided last time around. Louise and I cannot compliment Lindal enough for all you have given us. This home is really the expression of the dream … Continue reading The Best Kit Home »

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Testimonials We liked the open look with lots of windows

The design of our home was a several step process… we hired an architect in New York who drew the inside plan and the outside looks.  We submitted his drawings to Lindal and received the blueprint.  After some modifications we settled on a plan. We are very pleased with the outcome and feel it was … Continue reading We liked the open look with lots of windows »

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Testimonials I LOVE THIS HOUSE!

I chose Lindal because I like the look and quality of the homes.  I researched other types and came back to Lindal.  I met with the Boise dealers and we made an immediate, creative team. I liked the overall design of the Beachfront model, but wanted to add my own features.  I worked with my … Continue reading I LOVE THIS HOUSE! »

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