Modern Prefab Homes

A prefab home is one in which parts of the building are manufactured and assembled in a controlled environment before delivery to the build site. Lindal’s modern prefab homes employ the latest technology & engineering to provide a superior product. Our system-built post and beam homes are built using thousands of pre-designed parts, composed of high-quality materials. These components are delivered to the build site and assembled by a construction crew. We take prefab out of the box and into the realm of high-quality custom homes, built to last a lifetime.

Lindal’s exterior materials package of refined wood components and specialty items is valued worldwide for its unequaled quality.
Western Red Cedar: Our Pacific Northwest lumber is a premium resource that cannot be found elsewhere.
Lifetime Structural Warranty: We are the only custom home company to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty on every home.


  • Compact Shipping: Volume production and optimized shipping avoid the use of empty modules and save on transportation costs.
  • Worldwide Delivery: Our efficient shipping method allows for consistent quality materials package delivery internationally.
  • Faster Construction: Pre-finished exterior materials and the Lindal post and beam system reduce on-site build time and cut down on waste.

Lindal homes are built throughout the world — in every climate, on every type of terrain, and in every regulatory environment. We offer architectural styles from modern to arts and crafts. Hundreds of material options are available — windows, siding, trim styles, doors and hardware. Home sizes can range from less than 1,000 SF to over 6,000 SF.


  • Realistic Expectations: We know that a great design can only become a great home if it can be built on budget.
  • Low Design Fees: Compared to the competition, we keep our home design fees incredibly low to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are in line with their budget before beginning construction.
  • Updated Pricing: We revise estimates for every modification in the initial design.

We site our homes to respond optimally to their natural environment, including the topography, the path of the sun, views and prevailing winds.
For every Lindal home built, we make a donation to the American Forests Global ReLeaf program to plant 25 trees in our client’s name.
Our experienced drafters design homes that are engineered to withstand extreme climatic conditions — including heavy snow, gale-force winds, and earthquakes.


Local customer service: Our international network of Lindal dealers provides face-to-face service to clients. They work closely with the homeowners and all other professionals involved in the home-building process. Dealers ensure that the clients’ home design responds to its environment, inspires the client’s lifestyle, and meets their budget. Locate a Lindal Dealer Near You >>


Lindal develops enduring relationships with leading architects, beginning with Michael Graves and continuing today with OM Studio, Turkel Design and the firms of the Lindal Architects Collaborative.
Architect design: Architects collaborate with Lindal’s design team to create homes that pass the test of our Lifetime Structural Warranty.
Prefab efficiency: We use our infrastructure and system-built design, manufacturing, and shipping methods to fully personalize and efficiently deliver an architect-designed home that saves you both time and money.


Since its founding by Sir Walter Lindal in 1945, Lindal Cedar Homes has designed and produced over 50,000 homes. We’ve shipped more homes than all other modern prefab home companies combined. We are still family owned and operated.

Sir Walter Lindal (1919-2011)

Different Types of Prefab Homes

Prefab is really a whole spectrum of construction techniques and styles. It encompasses everything from mobile homes to system-built kit homes; modular housing and panelized homes. As the world’s largest manufacturer of post-and-beam homes, Lindal is on the highest end of this spectrum- in terms of experience, design, structural integrity, quality and choice of style, size and location.

Lindal takes modern prefab homes out of the box and into the realm of beautiful custom homes.

Factory-Built Homes

These are basically evolved mobile homes. The entire home is built in a factory and towed on a wheeled steel chassis to the installation site. The wheels and chassis are buried and the home is rarely moved again. While manufactured homes are often more affordable than other homes, they are also held to less stringent standards and can be energy inefficient and expensive to heat and cool. They tend to depreciate rapidly in resale value. Also, many housing developments and build sites do not allow manufactured homes.


Box-Like Modules Trucked to Site

Like a manufactured home, modular homes are built in a factory. However, they are built in uniformly sized block segments which are transported to the build site on truck beds and assembled on-site with cranes. Rather than remaining on a chassis, they are placed on a permanent foundation. Choice of design and finish materials is limited and modules can be bulky to ship.


Assembled in Sections

Panelized homes are constructed with pre-built and engineered components that are transported to to and assembled at the build site. Components can include walls, floors and roof trusses. These homes require a precise foundation (within ½ inch). More raw materials are used on-site to connect the panels (18%-20%). Transportation costs can be high. A builder and finisher are required to complete construction.


Any Size, Any Style, Any Where

The Lindal homes exterior materials package is pre-cut, packaged in a compact container, and delivered to the build site — resulting in significantly reduced on-site materials waste and lower transportation costs compared to other prefab construction methods. Homes can be built anywhere in the world — from mountainside to desert, urban metropolis to remote island, coastal flood zone to small city lot. Local dealers work with clients to ensure their homes meet their budget and lifestyle needs, while conforming to regional zoning rules and restrictions. Lindal homes offer unparalleled flexibility in style, size, and floor plan, and can be modified to add decks, basements, garages, or studios. We can also create a completely custom design, or work with an existing architect’s plans to adapt them to the Lindal system.

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  • Local: 206-725-0900