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I’d like to take this opportunity to tell others about our exceptional Lindal Cedar home.

Do I sound like satisfied customer?  You bet!  When we built our Lindal “Sundowner” plan I had no idea how much we would come to love it — this is a house that constantly gives us pleasure and freedom.   For years we have been power boat owners and cruised the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, loving the broad expanses and narrow creeks and “gunk-holes,” but always with an eye out for a great piece of property where we could build a second home “our Lindal”.  When that time came we wanted a house that was basically maintenance free, full of windows to let the beauty of nature inside, and that had the warmth of the mahogany interior of our various boats.

Modification of the Lindal Sundowner plan and the use of an abundance of cedar inside gave us just the vacation home we wanted:  impressive materials, low maintenance, a great look, and plenty of time to do all those things people do when they go away to relax.  We have a mini-vacation every week during the winter and a maxi-vacation all summer when we stay in our Lindal home!

We plan to retire in 12-15 years and wherever that may be, you’ll find us in another Lindal — our scrapbook of ideas is already well established.

Yours Sincerely,

Nancy Butenhoff, Maryland



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