Testimonials It was a profound and memorable experience

When we came to Harpers Ferry to check out real estate prices we had no intention of building anything.  The Lindal office happened to be above the Tourist information office, so out of curiosity we checked it out.  Bingo!

What I like is the setting, and the fact that all our ideas were incorporated.  It is truly a manifestation of the feelings we had about the design, decoration, and ambience.  I love the feel of solid cedar, the quality of light from having so many windows and skylights, and the harmonious feeling that comes from the quadrant, or symmetry of design, which I feel offers simplicity and orderliness that blends well with our environment.  We wanted our home to fit as unobtrusively as possible into the landscape.

It was a fascinating, challenging, and educational process to be involved in.  We learned so much, not just about building a home, but a lot about ourselves in the course of making so many decisions.  It was a profound and memorable experience.



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