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We special designed the layout as none of the models did everything we wanted. The prow model did not provide a good passage from the kitchen to the bedrooms without walking through the living room so we modified the 12/4 pitch house by pushing the center forward. The house was built on a radiant slab and has been really wonderful. We ski and visit daughter Jill several times a year who lives in the house with husband Chet and 2 children. Actually, Son Tad was 19 at the building time and acted as the general.  He with 2 sisters and Carol’s boyfriend did a major part of the construction. Some electric and plumbing were farmed out, but they did most of the construction. It is a fabulous house on a 40-acre plot looking over Snowmass and a 20-mile mountain vista. We call Glenwood Springs CO the home address but it is 12 miles out of town at 8000 ft.

Pat and David


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