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We understand that our clients lead demanding lives with competing priorities, and that their Lindal Experiences must make efficient use of their time.

We also understand that designing and building a new home is a highly personal process, the success of which is highly dependent on your being comfortable and our being responsive.

Meet Christina Lindal, Lindal Client Concierge, one of founder Sir Walter’s three grandchildren who work at Lindal HQ in Seattle. Christina provides prospective clients with information, answers process and product questions, explains the different design approaches available to clients, and helps guide them caringly through their initial Lindal exploration.  An expert in her own right (trained from birth) she also consults Lindal staff and dealers as resources while personally responding to dozens of calls and emails each week.

We invite you to call Christina with your questions, large and small, weekdays from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time at (800) 508-1833 or email her at

Lindal’s network of independent dealers provide local and regional information and personal guidance that no company can match. And Christina Lindal and the rest of the corporate staff take pride and pleasure in being helpful and pleasant—and warm—resources to Lindal clients, owners, dealers, builders, and mortgage bankers, on a corporate level.

Historical trivia: Christina can be seen as a youngster in this video with her grandfather, speaking about the early years of Lindal Cedar Homes.

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