News Scott prefers pencil, Bret prefers Sketch-Up.

Leading the Lindal design team are two seasoned professionals, Studio Managers Scott Biles and Bret Knutson, by no mean two peas in a pod.

Scott has been at Lindal for over 30 years, since he was 19 and fresh out of college with a degree in building science. With encyclopedic knowledge of the Lindal post-and-beam building system, his role in the formative stages of the Lindal Architects Collaborative has been to share the major system parts and assembly details and to convert the architects’ concept drawings into efficient on-system Lindals. His role with the client is to prepare the hand-drawn floor plans and elevations for each Elements and Architects Collaborative client design, to make improvements to the requested modifications where necessary, and to make sure the design maximizes the use of on-system parts and details, maximizing efficiency and controlling cost. Scott’s knowledge, thousands of houses’ worth of experience, and ability to listen, enable him to transform good designs into great ones.

Bret, another Lindal veteran, put his architectural training to work creating electronic renderings to complete the clients’ vision of their Lindal design. An innovator and very organized thinker, Bret took the lead in creating a new system to speed up the pricing process.

Both key members of the Lindal Architects Collaborative, Bret and Scott began their drive for maximum efficiency designs and process with the development of the commemorative Modern A-Frame program in 2010 and the Lindal Elements program in 2011; a field-test of the disciplined systems approach with dealers and clients before independent architects were invited to utilize that system in designing the new and very diverse Collaborative houses.

A significant part of their success in achieving a truly collaborative experience with clients and architects lies in the warm and respectful manner Scott and Bret share. Their approach breaks down barriers and their guidance is invaluable.

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