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We received the photos of our home and wanted to thank you.  They really are beautiful photos.  We’ve included them in an album of all the other photos you provided last time around. Louise and I cannot compliment Lindal enough for all you have given us.

This home is really the expression of the dream of our lifetime, and Lindal has made it possible. Perhaps you are not aware that we did investigate other suppliers of “kit” homes.  You were the only company that was flexible enough to enable all the requirements we had.

The design was conceived over a lifetime of fantasy and dreams and our local dealer was patient and understanding enough to accommodate us.  It was a difficult challenge to incorporate all that we wanted yet Lindal did come through for us.  With respect to the quality of the materials, we get compliments all the time.  The posts and beams, finished to our specifications, are a testimony to the incredible quality of all the materials that Lindal provided. Anyone who visits is truly in awe, and so are we.  Working through the project was so much fun and very exciting.

Thanks so very much to Lindal and to all who contributed.

We love living here

L. S.

This home was professionally photographed by Lindal and used in their planbooks and calendar.

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