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Panoramic prow fronts and walls of windows. Vaulted ceilings lined with Western red cedar. Attractive yet functional interior spaces. All these elements combine to create the Lindal Cedar Homes classic homes line. The result is our signature: a mix of casual elegance and livability. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion.

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The images and floor plans in our home design books are a great way to get ideas and start planning your new custom dream home. Best of all, we can modify any Lindal house plan to suit your build site and lifestyle.

Living Dreams: Lindal’s Classic Home Designs and Floor Plans Book

Living Dreams helps you in situations that begin where you are today, by telling the story of Lindal homeowners and the process they went through to bring their dream home to life. It is also a comprehensive workbook that helps you decide what you want in your home—from floor plans to siding to kitchen amenities.

The Living Dreams plan book is an award-winning publication and you will find the many full-color photos of classic homes and specific details a tremendous aid in planning your Lindal classic home. It is a comprehensive guide that helps you decide what materials you want in your home, from the style of floor plan to siding, window, and door options—even kitchen and bath amenities. Explore the benefits that our quality features can add to your project.

Order a classic home design plan book from our online store: https://planbooks.lindal.com/

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beautifully crafted of WARM NATURAL MATERIALS

To what do we attribute the success of the Classic Lindal home? Some believe it’s the soaring volumes, open spaces, and delicately-articulated expanses of glass that inspire daily living like no other. Some credit the warm glow of cedar, mated with the massive strength of the post and beam frame, along with the enduring stability of these homes and the company that produces them. Others credit the quality and continuous refinement. Or is it the unmatched calm and comfort of the class Lindal home style, in stark contrast to life itself? Given the fact that, like snowflakes, no two Lindal classic homes are identical, the secret to the Classic’s longevity may well be the flexibility of the Lindal post-and-beam building system and its ability to respond to virtually every site and every homeowner’s vision in varied architectural styles, without sacrificing its predictability and efficiency.


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