David Vandervort

David Vandervort founded his architectural firm in 1994 with his passion for environmental responsibility as its backbone. Vandervort and his colleagues’ work is a synthesis of modern Northwest design, built using high quality sustainable material and environmentally sound techniques to reduce material, energy and water consumption. The exteriors and interiors are at once playful and efficient, living environments in which the natural landscape is ever-present and brilliantly showcased.

David Vandervort Architects of Seattle create inviting Lindals with a fresh Northwestern spirit. Their Lindals combine traditional residential roof forms such as gable, hip, and A-frame with modern elements. Flat-roofed dormers and light monitors admit soft light throughout the day.  Metal roofing seamlessly transitions into siding and offers decades of stunning and maintenance-free service. Freestanding peeled cedar logs support exterior pergolas and covered walkways and add a relaxed and rustic edge to the legendary Lindal post-and-beam building system.

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