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The name Lindal Cedar Homes is historically synonymous with the image of cedar post-and-beam homes, built with high-pitched roofs and expanses of glass to take in panoramic views. This kind of classic home is still a large part of the Lindal Cedar Homes portfolio. It’s a style of home that has stood the test of time – both physically and design-wise. Of course, these days Lindal homes are built with any number of different siding materials – from composite material to stone, metal and even stucco. However, this article focuses on the benefits of cedar siding and decks. Both of these options are still a large part of what we do.

The Amazing Benefits of Cedar Siding

The cedar tree provides us with one of nature’s most perfect building materials. Many people choose cedar for its beauty alone. But deciding to use cedar siding for your home has many other benefits. The aromatic oils that occur naturally in the wood make cedar a long-lasting material, resistant to rot and toxic to insects. Good quality cedar wood of the kind used in Lindal homes is soft and flexible yet firm and straight-grained. Because of its loose cellular structure, pockets of air in the wood give it superior insulating qualities. This also makes cedar a lighter wood and thus easier to build with. Another property of cedar that makes it so desirable is that the wood naturally absorbs outside noise, making for a quieter home.

Straight Planks

It is possible to split a mature and healthy cedar tree into clear, straight planks of 40 feet or more in length and 3 or more inches in thickness, with almost no knots.  This type of cedar is known as “clear cedar”. It is very popular among Lindal clients for their home’s siding and soffits, and as a ceiling liner for interior rooms. Red cedar’s natural earth tones of brown and reddish brown give a warm feeling to any cedar home. The Western red cedar we use for our homes is sourced from the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. where Lindal is headquartered. Red cedar grows along the temperate northwest coast of Canada and the United States, from Alaska south to Northern California.

You can have a traditional Lindal Cedar Home with cedar siding, even if you live in a high-fire area! Cedar siding at least two inches thick gives your home the same fire-resistant properties as composite materials. Read more about fire-resistant homes made with cedar siding and Allura siding.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

It’s hard to beat wood as an exterior siding choice in terms of being sustainable and environmentally friendly. There is little to no green house gas emissions from cedar. The wood is harvested from trees grown in sustainably managed forests in Western Canada. Canada is a world leader in sustainable forest management.

Real cedar siding is one of the most environmentally friendly exterior sidings available. It produces the least greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. Not only that — Western Red Cedar lumber is harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world. So you can feel good about your wood. In addition, for every Lindal Cedar Home built, Lindal plants 25 new trees in the clients’ name through a donation to the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program.

Western Red Cedar is free of pitch and resin, which means it takes to stains, oils and finishes very well. As a result, you have a lot of siding color options. The same goes for the style options. For example, you can go for the warm traditional feel of layered bevel or a more contemporary style. Ask your Lindal dealer for options.

The Cost of Cedar Siding

The cost of your cedar siding can vary greatly, depending on the thickness and quality of the wood used. Clear cedar siding is made of the highest grade of Western red cedar, and as such is your most expensive option. Siding with a cedar veneer is the least expensive. Some people chose to use lightly stained clear cedar on an accent or on the wall by the entry of their home for maximum impact, and painted cedar siding on other areas.

Interior Cedar Liner

Lindal often uses cedar to line the interior ceilings of our homes. Our soffits are often cedar lined – which creates a beautiful effect in tandem with interior beams that extend out beyond the frame of the house to create overhangs and protected areas on the exterior.


Cleaning Your Cedar Siding or Deck

As with just about any home siding material, cedar siding needs to be periodically cleaned and maintained. This is an important part of any cedar home care.

It is relatively easy to maintain a natural exterior and interior on a home with cedar siding. Many local Lindal dealers can refer you to products they feel work well in your local climate. Commercial cleaners are available to treat most issues.

To remove dirt, simply clean the surface with a non-phosphate detergent.

Use a stain with mildewcide if your house is in a damp area. A mild oxygen bleach solution should help to remove mildew from existing wood.

Use a mild oxalic acid solution to remove stains that are the result of water, tannin or iron.

Cedar Siding Stain and Paint

Our cedar siding can come pre-stained, which saves you a lot of time. Most Lindal exterior cedar siding comes pre-stained. We recommend you discuss stain options with your local Lindal dealer.

Window Washing

walls of glass windows

A common question is how to keep all the windows clean in a Lindal home.

If you want to wash the windows yourself, a simple mix of dish soap water and a squeegee is all you really need. If you wish to experiment, you may also try and 50/50 combination of water and white vinegar. Hot distilled water will be most effective and least likely to leave streaks. Purchase a squeegee with a long pole extension to reach the higher windows. Your other option is to periodically hire a professional to clean your windows. Wipe off any of the solution that spills onto surrounding areas. Also, use a lint-free cloth to wipe any areas of the window that need extra attention.

Tips when using a squeegee – try to keep the squeegee on the window the whole time. Either clean in a zig zag “snake”from top to bottom or in long strokes from top to bottom of each pane of glass.

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