News “Prefabulous” Author Sheri Koones Addresses Lindal Dealers

Author and prefab expert Sheri Koones addressed over two hundred attendees at Lindal’s Annual International Dealer Meeting in Seattle on January 27. Koones’ latest book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home, features over thirty stunning homes (including one Lindal home) that were designed and fabricated with energy efficiency as a top priority. Throughout the book, Koones offers practical guidance on how consumers can meet the challenge of dramatically reducing their new homes energy consumption through proper design and fabrication.

Koones believes that housing manufacturers are leading the green home building effort and that companies like Lindal, the first building system designated Green Approved by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center make it easier by packaging solutions in attractive and functional designs. She offered:

“Prefab construction is the future of home construction for all the obvious reasons. It saves time and is more predictable. But another important benefit is that prefab houses are more environmentally friendly. All of the debris that is in dumpsters will go to a landfill and the homeowners will pay for all of those materials. In a factory – much of those materials will be recycled.


Building green is an advantage on a personal level – adding resale value, saving money on energy, and making the house more comfortable. Green homebuilding also benefits the economy by creating millions of jobs and increasing the US gross domestic product.”

In her address, Koones applauded the Lindal Architects Collaborative for offering a wide range of architectural signatures and designs but also for enabling the homeowner to fully customize the designs for environmentally responsive siting and to suit their personal home lives.

Koones’ previous book, Prefabulous + Sustainable: Building and Customizing an Affordable, Energy-Efficient Home uses over two dozen homes to illustrate how factory fabricated homes are more resource-efficient and better constructed than conventional houses.


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