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OM Studio’s home designs are rooted in a deep appreciation of nature. These mid-century modern style homes are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic principles. Geometry functions as an integral design discipline. These homes enhance life experiences with organic design. To work collaboratively with OM Studio Design on your own custom Lindal home, contact your local Lindal rep for a consultation.

Architectural home designer Aris Georges How Do OM Studio designs exemplify the use of the Lindal Elements design system?

The Lindal Elements grid is the main motivating factor for why I got so into the whole Lindal system. It’s a three-dimensional grid; a system of geometry, where not only the horizontal but also the vertical dimensions are controlled by the system.

The system creates the framework.

Frank Lloyd Wright compared the organic approach to design to the weaving of a rug. Certain threads – the warp of the design – are already in place and common to all. The weft is whatever the artist creates on top of that. The warp is always a given, and as a designer you come in and can weave a design through that.

The grid controls proportions, connections of spaces, the way the light comes in, and the overall sense of movement in the space. You should be able to feel that you can move well and easily in the space.

The floor plan configuration for me is the ultimate beginning of the design. You can make decisions about the kind of living you imagine in that kind of house. It’s a way of designing from the inside out instead of creating a shell first. You’re allowing your understanding of how you want the space to be used to guide how you plan out the space.

The exterior becomes important once I have the 3D structure. Window placement and size is guided by the floor plan. Determining their placement is a question of how they relate to the ceiling or the floor.

With Lindal people really expect lots of glass, post-and-beam construction, and often the use of high quality cedar on both the interior and exterior of the home (though other siding and interior options are available).

The Lindal Elements system makes the design process less of a mystery – but I am interested not to lose the mystery entirely.

What makes a space something you want to live in forever is an intangible quality. It

has to do with how you create the armature for it and allow people to come and occupy it in a beautiful way; so they learn how to upgrade their life to the new building. It doesn’t have to be forced; it needs to be inspired.

To work collaboratively with Aris Georges of OM Studio on your own custom Lindal home design, contact your local Lindal rep for a consultation.


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