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Connect with a Lindal dealer to find out how to build your custom Lindal home in the state of Kansas. Lindal dealers offer site visits, design assistance, pricing, and facilitate materials delivery. They will help connect you with reputable home builders in Kansas. All Lindal homes can be designed and engineered to meet permitting and other regulations required by your state, province, or build site. Together, we will take your dream home from original conception to livable reality.


Build a new home in Kansas

Did you know that all Lindal homes built in Kansas are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the building codes? Lindal also offers the Quick Ship Program – a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way for people to build a new home in Kansas.


The First Kit Homes

Did you know that many of the original kit homes built after 1945 were Lindal Cedar Homes? Lindal started in the boom years in the US and Canada following WWII as a company selling floor plans and exterior materials packages. Lindal provided wood of a quality not available at the local lumber supply facility, including the Western red cedar sourced from Canadian forests in the Pacific Northwest that is used in our post-and-beam construction to this day. These kit homes were delivered to sites worldwide. Ambitious home builders in Kansas and elsewhere built thousands of Lindal homes over the years. Today, we continue to operate through a network of local independent Lindal distributors and custom home builders in Kansas who help our clients through every step of the design and build process. Though current regulations and permitting issues make it difficult for people to build their own new home as in times past, many of our more entrepreneurial clients still take an active part in the design, construction, and finishing of their beautiful new home. Find out why Lindal is known not only for designing the preeminent kit homes throughout Kansas, but for over 75 years of working with new home builders and creating beautiful custom built homes in Kansas.

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Custom Built Homes in Kansas

Lindal bridges the divide between the kind of pre-built home that Kansas home builders will construct for a development company, and a fully custom built home. That’s because our design system gives clients several options for going through the design/build process.

From initial design to 3D rendering to final dream home, Lindal Cedar Homes’ design services program options help ensure you get the home you want, built for your site, budget and lifestyle.

Take a plan straight out of one of our home design plan books, modify an existing design, or work with our architectural designer for a fully custom creation.

1. Personalize an Existing Lindal Floor Plan

Many homeowners use their favorite Lindal plan from one of our home design plan books as the point of departure for creating their original home. A few simple modifications can have a great impact on the style of your Lindal home. Some changes are as simple as the choice of exterior materials and accents, or a change in the shape or placement of windows. Your local independent LindaI dealer will help you explore the many ways that such modifications can have a tremendous visual, lifestyle, and budget impact.

2. Lindal Sketch Services

Start with one of Lindal’s plans or join the growing number of homeowners who design their own Lindal original from the ground up. After your ideas and budget are outlined, your dealer reviews your plans with Lindal’s Design Team, who will provide you with a quick sketch to show you what your home will look like. We also give you the approximate Lindal package price based on the information and personal Lindal specifications you provide, such as the type of siding, style of windows, placement of cedar ceiling liner, etc. Your dealer is your personal contact with Lindal Sketch Services and your guide to designing your new home.

3. Custom Design Services by OM Studio Design

For a custom-fit solution to your new home, we partner with you, your Lindal dealer, and our architectural designer, who uses advanced meeting and visualization methods in an engaging and efficient manner. Our process includes live design reviews in online meetings where decisions are made on plans and digital models. This approach honors and fulfills your wishes for a collaborative approach to custom design within Lindal’s post-and-beam system.

Learn more about OM Studio Design Services.

Small House Builders in Kansas

We get many queries about small homes and small house builders in Kansas. Because of Lindal’s flexible, modular approach to home design, we can create houses ranging from less than 500 square feet to well over 3,000 square feet. Take a look at the wide range of small homes we have available by registering to see all our plan books online and viewing the Small Treasures plan book, or by taking a look at some of our small house plans. Read more >>


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