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The Most Efficient Way to Build Your Dream Home

The Quick Ship program offers a collection of best-selling homes drafted for faster turnaround and delivery to your build site. A menu of optional modifications (see our FAQ below) allows you to personalize your home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Lindal Quick Ship homes are sold at a discount (subject to certain conditions) and can ship faster than our more customized home packages.
Please note: Delivery schedules can be impacted by local or regional regulations.

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Quick Ship Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Lindal Quick Ship Home?

A: The Quick Ship program features a collection of best-selling modern and classic house plans drafted for faster permitting and delivery to your build site. Choose from a limited menu of revisions to personalize your home. These homes are sold at a discount — subject to certain conditions. Provided only minimal changes are made to the design, they can ship faster than our custom home packages.

Q: Can I Make Changes to a Quick Ship Home?

A: Yes, limited specific changes are allowed. Below is a list of changes that can be made. Please note, while the home will still qualify as a Quick Ship if these changes are made, any changes to the original plan will incur design time/costs and  can potentially lengthen the delivery time.

Summary of Allowed Design Options and Aesthetic Changes

Design Options

-Crawl Space
-Slab on Grade
-Remove detached garage
-Remove decks, porches or patios

Aesthetic Changes

-Window and Door Specifications
-Change/Add/Delete interior trim and liner
-Change/Add/Delete siding, fascia, soffit locations and pre-stain options
-Change interior door specifications and door hardware
-Change deck, stair and railing specifications

Q: What Factors Impact Quick Ship Eligibility?

A: High snow or wind loads, seismic parameters, site requirements, and local building codes, among other things, can impact whether the Quick Ship homes will work in your area. Please ask your Lindal representative if the home you like meets the requirements of your location.

Q: What Changes Cannot be Made to a Quick Ship Home?

A: No changes may be made to the home’s footprint. The term footprint refers to the boundaries of the exterior walls or covered roof area of the home.

Q: Can I Still Order a Home from the List if it Doesn’t Meet the Quick Ship Requirements?

A: Yes, you can still purchase any home from the list, however, if it doesn’t meet the Quick Ship requirements this can impact both the cost and timeline for design, engineering, delivery and construction.

Q: How Can I Save Even More with my Quick Ship Home?

A: Quick Ship homes are designed to be our most efficiently designed/priced homes. We have created a value-oriented “base price specification” for siding, trim, windows, and doors on Quick Ship homes to provide the best value. Ask your Lindal dealer for base price specifications on any Quick Ship plan.


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